Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday, I'm fussy

     I left a terrible mess on the back deck yesterday and only got 1/2 my pots done.  The babies kept me busy and the shop had many drop offs and pick ups even though I only hemmed one pair of pants.

     I was able to make up three pans of lasagna and stuffed shells, a cake, and four loaves of french bread.  Hubs had to go and buy two containers of cottage cheese as he ate those while I was gone.  Everything else came from the pantry.  I cannot say enough about having a large pantry of things you cook regularly.  It just saves so much money.  If I had gone out and bought all the ingredients for this much cooking it would have cost me:

 cost buying today                                   Pantry cost                                  store bought all

loaves french bread  $8.00                      Home made  $1.00                        4 loaves   $8.00      
cake mix $1.89                                        sale cake mix    .69                        bundt cake $7.99
pasta 2 boxes $5.00                                 sale pasta        .89 x 2  $1.78         3 pans frozen las/shells
2 lb bag of mozzarella  $8.99                  sale price stored $3.99                   $ 38.97
Sauce/premium  4 jars  $12.00                home made frozen $2.00               realize cake would be
cottage cheese 2 lg containers $3.70       same                       $3.70               smaller and las/shell  
Parmesan cheese $3.79                            sale                         .99                  pans would be less deep
                                                                                                                        and smaller

Total                          $43.37                                               $13.15                                   $54.96

Plus all extra ingredients used were either grown by me and picked fresh (herbs) oil was purchased on sale, eggs used in cheese mix and cake were from our chickens.

     I was beat to death last night but at least I have enough left overs for today and Sunday dinner.  So I don't have to cook.

     I will try and go out and finish my boxes today if possible.

     I am fussy as my arthritis is flaring again and has been all summer.  While I was out with my sisters my left shoulder froze and was so painful, now is is my right shoulder and hand.  My right hand and wrist and elbow have been giving me fits off and on for a while but add the shoulder and it is almost impossible to work.  Like brushing your hair, or pulling your pants down and up to go to the bathroom, let alone potty duties.  (okay TMI)  but I am telling you when it gets to the point that I cannot even take care of myself I get a little fussy.

     I have taken 2 Aleve and have sat here typing and reading for a an hour and I am feeling better, typing better, so maybe I dare go move around a little.  I just don't like having to compromise my lifestyle for this stupid disease.

I will keep fighting.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Ouch!! Arthritis is awful!! I've been fortunate to only have a little in my fingers, where knots formed on my knuckles. But I have had sciatica probably caused by arthritis.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. :)

  2. I hate arthritis flate upd. I'm bolding steady nut knee is always in pain,but bacm has been a bother. Pantry cooking is a blessing.

  3. I like seeing the comparison in you food cost. I need to be more mindful when I sacrifice money for time