Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday, Money saving madness

     I was so excited to take the dog for a long walk after church as it was warm, and I out him in the car and headed for the levy and DOWNPOUR.  By the time we got to the levy it was obvious we were not going to walk.  So I headed to Lil sis's house and whined about not being able to walk.  She asked me to help her take Christmas down in her dining room, kitchen and back deck.  So I stayed for a couple of ours and made I don't know how many trips up and down the stairs for her.  At least I got some sweaty exercise.

     Hub's ate left over spaghetti hot dish and some of the chicken I made myself for dinner.  Then he got really sick,  I think it was his esophageal closing again as he had no fever or any other signs of illness.  Later in the evening he had some toast, as I suggested buttered toast would be good for him before bed.

    This is the second week of the year and how am I doing on those goals?

1. I put a little change into my pig, and I had no $5 bills come into my hands.
2.  I did pay all household bills for the month but nothing extra on the house yet
3. I stuck to grocery budget and have a carry over of $8.00 for this week I only went to the store once and hub's once because  I forgot fruit. Not constantly going to the store for soda really helps the old budget. :)
4. Hub's trip back to Riggens will I am afraid put us over our gas budget, but we will see.
5.I paid off some charges I had made at Penneys, so interest.


1.I gained 4 lbs (fail)
2. I only had 3 days of reaching my step goals fail
3. Low carb, I found myself gorging carbs late at night twice, I am weak.  Ice cream and crackers.  Will try again. fail
4. No diet coke.  I am finding it hard to stay hydrated, even though I am trying to force water down myself asap.  This is leading to other health problems, as the meds I take are meant to go through my system quickly and leave just a trace which builds up over time.  Which is why doctors want you to move and keep your system running smooth.  I did break bad and had one soda on Sunday while I was helping Lil sis.  I am back on the wagon. I am not going to say this was a fail because it is really a miracle.  


1. I did take it pretty easy last week as far as pushing myself goes, just not eating carbs and the diet coke has slowed me down.
2. I did pick up a good book to read at a second hand store.
3. I was able to meet with the choir director and get music for this month, we had a good turn out and practice.
4. I completed, all of my receiving blankets and one quilt, and also went thrifting and picked up a few needed things for very little money.

So I would say I am on track for the money and the spiritual, the health well....... crap

Money saving madness Jan 1st-6th 2019

1. Stuck to meals at home but one that was on a gift card.
2. fed food scraps to chickens
3. Used my clothesline
4. Ate out of the pantry and freezer, doing really well on freezer challenge, one large package of chicken breast, 2 packages of meatballs, one large bag of tomatoes, two steaks, bag of shrimp, two 1/2 used bags of peas, 2 boxes of pasta.
5.  When we ran out of bread I was able to pull a loaf of homemade from the freezer, eliminating a trip to the store and the bread cost .25 to make.
6. used coupons at Joanns for zippers I needed
7. Cleaned and eliminated many items from under sinks and found items to be used up to eliminate waste.
8.reused and cleaned plastic bags in kitchen. Only used cling plastic once Win, win, win
9.Helping Lil sis I found beautiful smaller crystal glasses that were mom's and some beautiful Swedish vases, I pulled for gifts.

     So over all I feel pretty good about my goals, although the health ones are well not good.  I will persevere. I realize I need to stock up on low carb foods for snacking so I don't go crazy, and find a way to increase my liquids, so I stop retaining water.  I am trying, I am not giving up.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. If you're looking for a low carb sweet treat, try halo top ice cream. The whole container is less than 400 calories and many (most?) of the flavors taste better than real ice cream. It is kind of pricey though.

    1. I have seen those but the price is really scary. Thanks

  2. 3 words for you...flavored seltzer water

    One DC in a week IS a miracle!!

    1. I know, does the flavored seltzer have any artificial sweeteners?

    2. no artificial sweeteners usually, check the labels. Polar seltzer, La Croix, Bubbly are all brands w/out sweeteners....we usually buy the Weis brand one though as they are cheaper.

  3. Well done with everything but particularly the cola addiction. I think i agree with Sluggy although I am not 100% certain what selzer water is but i am on to fizzy water with a dash of lime cordial.Yummier than it sounds!

  4. Replies
    1. My mother in law is always making her so called smoothies and well.... enough said

  5. Agree totally about the flavored seltzer water, though I drink plain old tap water all the time. I do have one fizzy water nearly every day, and I don't think one diet coke a week is too much. Tevia makes a cola product that is sweetened with stevia. For most it does not impact blood sugars or insulin levels and supposedly does not cause inflammation. They are pretty pricy though. I keep them on hand for those days when I absolutely have to have something sweet tasting and flavored, but honestly that only happens about every other week now. The ginger root beer or black cherry are my go to flavors but they do have a traditional cola drink also.

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