Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday, warm enough to walk!

     It is over 50 here, we really are enjoying what I would call a typical Lewiston, Idaho winter.  The last two have been anything but typical.  We still could get hit so I am not holding my breath.  I am going to go on a walk with my puppy after this post.  Then I will take a nap.

     Church has been switched to mornings at 9:00 and we now get out at 11:00.  I am so happy they reduced the hours as sitting for 3 hours was very hard for me.  Choir practice is right after church so we are home a little before noon.  Love it.  This gives me the afternoon, read, sleep, have someone over, take long walks, call my sister, work on what ever I want.  I do not sew on Sunday unless it is an emergency, or a project that I want to work on for myself.

     I was very pleased with what I accomplished yesterday.  Hub's and I did the round of second hand stores and I found another nice piece of wool for my braid rug and three more pieces of old silver for centerpieces, and a large rattan basket for dog toys.  Spent, $11.50.  Then we went to Taco time so I could stay on my low carb diet.  We used a free birthday gift card and another gift card so no out of pocket for us.  Then we came home and watched TV.  I just vegged and relaxed the rest of the evening.

     I did hire a yard service to come and trim up the back yard bushes.  Hub's kept saying he was going to do this but, I was tired of waiting and when the man came with his big power trimmer and mowed and shaped the bushes in less than two hours he had everything cleaned up and was gone.  This would have taken me or Hub's days, plus at least three trips to the dump.  I definitely will have this man back.  The cost was $100.00.  I can't believe the amount of work he was able to get done.  Hubs was not very happy about it until he saw how fast and efficient the work was done and how little it cost,compared to his sweat and blood.

     Now that we are in a more secure financial place we can have more things done for us.  I am all about do it yourself  and save money but not at the risk of my hands or an accident with Hub's.  He did admit yesterday that the last tree he took down scared him.  As it started to fall he could not jump up quickly and get out of the way as he did when he was young, so after hearing this no more tree felling for him unless I am there.  We will just have someone else do this for us from now on. 

    There are two  trees that at leaning and need to come down in the back yard. I will schedule them for next month.  Hubs can take care of them once they come down, as in take off the limbs and cut and stack the wood.  Then as the wood is piled up next to the city easement the neighborhood can come and help themselves to the firewood as needed.  I just put it on a neighborhood website and it is gone without us having to clean up or haul it around.  Free wood seems to go fast in this part of Idaho.  We have at least 3 cords stacked down by the house already for emergencies.  I don't want anymore as it attracts bugs and pests.

     Well the levy awaits.

Have a  blessed and peaceful Sabbath.



  1. TheHub and I are past the DIY things that we used to think nothing of doing. No more climbing on the roof, no more changing the outdoor lightbulbs (Corner of the third floor from ground level) no more outdoor painting (except possibly 1st floor shutters and doors) no more tree work (with the exception of pruning fruit trees) no more interior painting (because I am the only one who does it and I am just tired of it, plus Eduardo does a great job, is fast and inexpensive)

    1. It has always been do it yourself or let it go and suffer here, but dang it we don't have to live like that any more. Just getting Hub's to admit he can't or wan't is the hard part. He is so hard.

  2. Yes, Sunday should be a day of rest. In our last church,services were about 45 min, and if longer,there were complaints. I would NOT spend 3 hours as a hostage in church!

  3. Look at those financials!! Fantastic progress Kim! Because I am single I chose to live in a townhouse condo and thus am not responsible for any yard work or snow removal. I'm so glad I made this choice in housing. I have memories of shovelling out a long driveway with a really bad back at a house we rented years ago. I have flower beds to look after so that satisfies my need to get dirt under my nails :)

    1. We really need to downsize but that is for the future. I think a condo is a smart move.