Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday, money saving madness

Well this cold left me in bed most of the day yesterday and my back is really killing me this morning.  It just aches all over like little pings of pain, so I wonder now if this is a flu, but I did get my flu shot. I will just take it easy.  I know the shop will be busy today as people have been waiting for me to open. I will have to be careful to stay away from them as much as possible.

Yesterday, I made a pot of beef barley soup and it was very good we have enough left for today.  I also took out some chicken breasts that we will have in salads tomorrow.  This will keep us out of the stores.  I also have to use up that sour milk in something. That is my extent of homemaking for the day, other than to put away some laundry, I just don't think I can Marie Kondo anything today.

Money saving Madness Jan.20th 26th 2019

1. Left Sluggy's with a bag of gifties for sis and I always nice to receive goodies.  More eyebrow pencils which I really needed so now I don't have to buy! 
2. Split meals with Sissie when we ordered out.
3. Hit great sales and bought several Christmas gifts at great savings.
4. Found a total of 48. cents over the week in airports, on the ground.
5. Added a huge bunch of change to my pig bank.  When I travel I save all my change from cash transactions.
6. Added $65.00 to my $5.00 bill savings.
7.Hubs had stuck to food budget and so have I this week.
8. Used meats and things from freezer and storage to cook with.
9. Finally used up a bottle of face lotion, use it up!
10. tried to downsize many of my blouses and succeeded with about 12 of them.  Bless others and keep my life simpler saves money.
11. Found boutonniere pins at Joanns for 80% off.  Beautiful with pearls and fake diamonds. This daughter is all about bling.
12. Keeping my diet coke consumption at bay is really saving money, it is still hard.  I want to drink it all day, but I am staying strong and setting my limit.
13. received a $20.00 savings Visa from Rite Aid.
14. made 3 loaves of bread, burned the fourth rats!
15. made four loaves of banana bread to give away and use up bananas.
16. fed food scraps to the chickens

I have no idea what this week will bring as I don't feel very well, but I will plug along as best I can.

What are your plans for the week, and how did you save money last week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. rest rest and more rest... for both of us. The polar vortex that is coming in tomorrow already let my back know it was on it's way. I have went to 20 oz bottle 1/2 bottle a day and rotate between coke a cola my favorite and Sprite.Insulated cup that a friend got me for Christmas sits by the bed with fresh water every night (which is when I was drinking the pop) Hubby saved $12 yesterday at the store and he's not sure how he did it.

    1. Please have your Hubby teach mine how to do that if yours ever figures out how he did it. lolz

    2. I don't know if this is the cause but my arthritis symptoms are almost nil right now. Is it the new meds or the lack of crap in my system?

  2. I have a diet coke addiction as well. Unfortunately mine has to be the kind sweetened with splenda as I'm allergic to aspartame. I have been making Koolaid and unsweetened tea. The tea I have been putting a splash of organic lime and cucumber juice or lemonade into it instead of using any sweeteners. This has really been helping cut the coke consumption. Boy is it hard though! I'm so proud of you for your progress on cutting out the coke! Maybe some day we will be cola free, LOL!

    1. Well I can't figure it out but my arthritis flare is completely gone?

  3. Great news about your arthritis flare! I don't know if it's related, but I gave up soda a bit before I was diagnosed with lupus, & I do think it helps with inflammation.

    I was traveling again last week, so no personal spending - just work spending. Hoping that I can get a bunch of stuff done before I leave for London on Saturday.

    1. I would love to have a job where I travel like you but I also remember having a little one and traveling just in the US and it was hard.