Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday, January recap, How did I do?

Well here is is the last day of January 2019 and I cannot help myself but take a sigh of relief. January being a cold dreary dark month here.  It is time foe me to look at my goals and see how I did for the month.  What did I accomplish what did I fail at and what do I need to tweak to be more realistic.  As you all know realistic is often not in my makeup.

Financial :
1. Save a ll change in the pig bank  DONE
2. save all 5$ bills DONE up to $120.00
3. Pay an extra $1000.00 on mortgage DONE
4.Keep adding to savings charts and I did complete one and I am onto #2 DONE
5. Set up budget for groceries of $50.00 a week DONE so far have a carry over of $49.00 we are eating out of the pantry and the freezers.
6. Set up a budget FAIL  Did not write one out but I did pay all bills on time 
7. We had two major repairs this month to pay that took money away from my Christmas pay off .  Hub's cell phone was close to $170.00, and our dryer repair of $127.00. So WIN and FAIL

Health Goals:

.1. Lose 20 lbs.( Lost 4) WIN
     a. get 10,000 steps a day working toward 12  FAIL
     b.stick to low carb diet FAIL      
     c. exercise for my heart one hour a day, 5 days a week.  FAIL 
2. Give up diet coke.  I started strong ended up with other related problems, so now have one or two a day.  I have no soda in the house.  So I call this a FAIL/WIN

     I can honestly say my arthritis is not bothering me at all, which is a win, and the monetary savings are huge another win.

Spiritual goals:

1. be better to myself , rest, sleep, relax more  WIN
2. Bless others WIN
3. Study more FAIL 
4. Continue to sing in choir and practice piano every day FAIL  I was gone so much of the month and then sick so will do better next month.
5. Continue to work on projects , embroidery, quilts, rugs. WIN 

     I have 11 wins and 8 fails so I will call the month a success.   I did the best in the financial category. I think losing 4 lbs this month was a win and I did have 13 days of low carb, exercise and steps accomplished.  If I could even boost that up to 20 I would be doing well.  I am really proud of the diet coke goal as this continues to be a struggle and I am working at it everyday.  Staying home will help with the piano and study goal.

     Now I had a January goal of getting rid of 500 items and I only rid myself of 290 things.  So this will obviously have to continue.  We have several places to attack in the house and I am not afraid that this won't be net soon.

     Okay any thoughts, words of encouragement, how about beating me up?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Only got rid of 290 items? I call that a huge win! Perhaps your goal was too high but that sounds like a mountain of achievement to me! We recently are rethinking our diet pop drinking, apparently you may gain weight from diet drinks just like sugary ones as your body processes it the same way

    1. I am sure I over estimated what I could do especially as I have been trying to de clutter all last year. But I am still going to do it!

  2. Hi Kim. Is it rheumatoid arthritis that you have? Because it wont be a coincidence that its improved as you cut down the fizzy drinks. Take care xx

    1. Thanks Lizzie. Yes that is what I have. It is a rare form as it does not cripple as much as it destroys the connective tissue in the heart and lungs and eyes.

  3. I think you knocked it out of the ballparballparkk, especially since you were out of town for a while. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey thanks I feel pretty good about last month. I think you are doing great also.

  4. I think you can definitely consider January's accomplishments a success! Awesome job!!!

  5. It sounds like we need to exercise together. We might be more motivated. Great job on all of your goals. I use Every dollar app for my budget. Its free.