Monday, January 14, 2019

Monnday, money saving madness Plus!

 I finished my first chart for the year.  I am onto #2.  Great way to start the first half of January.  However I have been paying Christmas bills off so I have no interest charges and that means I have not paid any extra on the house Yikes!  But I will before the end of the month.  I have some money socked away from last month and more will come in I am sure.
 Here is a close up of my nieces wedding dress.  I completely remade the top as we bought the dress for the skirt.  I do not like the low cut look but it is what she wanted.  Her colors are lavender and purples.  I was trying to get her to decide if she wanted bling (hand sewn rhinestones) so I did one side and she tried it on and decided she liked them with the rhinestone inset.  All of the filigree I had in the shop from other projects.  We just had to buy the lavender satin for the bias straps.  We have enough left over to make all the satin roses for center pieces and bridesmaid bouquets.  Use it up and don't waste my motto.
 Isn't she beautiful?

I finished putting on the bustling buttons this morning so it is DONE!

The back of the dress, sorry for the blur.

     I am going to Spokane tomorrow for a dental appointment with my daughter.  It is a long way to go but for free or reduced dental I will travel.  Plus I will stay for a while to be with my grandson.

     SO today I am up and trying to clean up the house after the mess I made sewing all weekend.  I need to get some banking done and set up things for Hub's to cook while I am gone.  As usual when I try to leave town I have three pairs of pants I need to get done today.  It always happens.

Money saving madness: Jan 6th-12th  2019

1. Continued to use up products and was able to get rid of two bottles
2. Used my clothesline for heavy things.
3. Redid a wedding dress with just things in the shop already saving my sister a ton of money.
4. Ate all meals from freezer or pantry except one that was a treat from my Lil sis.
5. Used wax wraps and plastic containers I have saved over time
6. Did not buy any soda for the house and stuck to grocery budget.
7. Used Joanns coupons when I needed an item.
8. Used a couple of mixes, a package of noodles, some shrimp, some burger, a couple of steaks, a couple cans of veggies, and cans of chili from the pantry.  Trying to use up what we have for meals instead of buying groceries.
9.Bought sugared cherries and pineapple for next years  fruit cake at 75% off also got enough for mother-in-law.
10. Down sized and reduced clutter by another 30 items. Donated most of it!
11. continued to save change and $5 bills  it is slow going when you don't spend any money.
12. Fed all food scraps to chickens.
13. replaced old green clogs with new to me from posh mark  a used clothing sight.  The new ones cost  $35.00  and were brand new never worn.  Normally would have been  about $140.00  I often will wear a pair of clogs for over 10 years.
14. Bought over $200.00 worth of large expensive candles of $32.00.  I keep a couple of candles burning downstairs year round, with the cats and the damp basement.  I always want the shop to smell nice.  This can be expensive so when I get a good deal I wipe them out.

     What did you do to save money this week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. What a gorgeous dress! And yes, what a beautiful bride!

  2. The dress is beautiful and so is your niece!

  3. Your nieces dress looks beautiful Kim!! You have done a stunning job of it ... all that detailed work ... just gorgeous. She will be such a beautiful bride.

  4. You are so talented! LOVE the dress and you are right, your niece is beautiful.
    Love how you are saving and charting. I'm a paper and pen girl myself. :)

  5. The dress and the bride are beautiful. Hope the trip is a good one!

  6. That is a pretty dress, but I must agree. That is too much cleavage for a wedding dress!