Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday, I must, I must!

    Today I MUST work on a wedding dress as I have a fitting at about 5 this evening.  It is a great deal of hand work so I will be sitting most of the day, needle to nose.  Other than that there are only a few things in the shop.  So once that is completed I can work on some projects.  I need to cherish these days as I get so few of them.

     Sluggy has been nagging me to get sparkling water.  I did not realize there was such a thing, with no artificial sweetener.  But as we were almost out of TP and I needed to stock up, I went to Riteaid. They had a deal where you spend $50.00 on certain items and you get back a gift card for $20.00.  Now I found these items to be more expensive then I would usually buy, but I had coupons and some points to include in the deal so it made sense.  Stocked up and bought 3 packs of bottles fizzy water.  I had one and it is not something I would guzzle like diet coke, but will help with the withdrawal of wanting something other than water.

     So 4 packs of TP, 3 packs of sparkling water,  two packages of diapers (for a church member that takes in foster kids), plus $5 worth of Valentine treats for my girls gift boxes.  I have two sets of really cute kitchen towels and socks for valentines day I bought at 90% off.  I will use.  I doubt I will do this again as I am trying to think more about minimalism,  and these things are rather silly and just lead to consumerism.  We see a sale and think, What a good buy, I must have those for so and so.  Really must have?  Are they really necessary?  We are all driven by a goo buy.

     I then went grocery shopping for the week.  It was so easy to spend $42.00 quickly.  I was shocked.  But I did stock up on more low carb treats I can eat. Forgot to get bean sprouts so I will be running to the market for those. I don't dare send Hub's. Went and picked up a prescription I was out of, I had to pay $10.00 for it which means it was very expensive. I did not ask the pharmacist. My Zeljanz co pay is paid by the company as I requested the help. 

     I have to say my hands feel better, don't know if it is due to the new double meds, the steroids.  Anyway I will take it.

     I am holding well at using things from the freezer, but I had to use the last of the chicken that I made into  a large pan of enchiladas.  Hubs wants nothing to do with chicken for a while so sent it with the neighbors, but was able to use up, several things from the pantry.  Woo Hoo!

     Well I am going to clean up and run and get some bean sprouts and some leaf lettuce on sale at a store and then get busy working on the wedding dress.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Glad you mentioned bean sprouts. I have some mung beans sprouting and I forgot to water them this morning.
    You will find the seltzer water is pretty good. It just takes getting used to. I have to head to Publix today since they have LaCroix bogo.
    And do you mean I did not need to buy the black swan ballerina ornament for Pip just because it was only 47 cents?

  2. I too had grow to like the bubbly water, but I find I sip rather than guzzle like I did with diet coke. I'm horrible at drinking plain water at home so go for those little add in packets. I get sucked into the clearance all the time.

    1. Sucked in is the key word here. It is like quick sand and in order to crawl out you spend $10 on great stuff you don't need.

  3. I really like La Croix water (we get it at work), but it can sometimes bother my stomach. The carbonation, I assume.

    1. I have drank La croix, really didn't do anything for me, but on second thought.

  4. If the sparkling water helps you get off the Diet Coke, drink away. I hope you have a great day too!