Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday, thank goodness!

     It has been one heck of week in the shop and I am feeling the stress of getting behind.  I know the closer we get to B's wedding the more stress I will feel.  All I can do is keep working on the dresses and piles, but in the mean time the whole house falls apart and is a dusty dirty mess, which also stresses me out.

     Right now the back deck is tore up and I need to go buy paint, which cannot be applied until tomorrow as we are expecting another rain shower.  The kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, family room, stairs, hallway, front room, dining room, indoor plants, back hallway, laundry room and the shop and the the spare bedroom all need love.  There are a lot of boxes laying around full of wedding things and I need to get those all into one pile in the back hallway.  Really I just need to organize.  Not my strong suit.

     I have this feeling of wanting to run away.  I will have to be firm with myself and quit wasting time.  I have started my second load of laundry and cleaned the cat box today.  So proud of myself.  Waiting for an out of town client and will then go get paint.

     I absolutely have to get 9 pairs of pants hemmed (all jeans) and then let out another dress pair.  I have wedding dress on the ironing board ready for hemming.  Then I am going to organize the shop into what needs to be done next.  There are so many wedding dresses in there along with everything else.  Crazy busy. 

     I pulled moms box of flannel out yesterday to see if there were any boy burp cloths left and found several.  There is enough flannel for several blankets and need to make up a few baby gifts.  I could just go buy something but I want to save the money and use up what I have.  Plus homemade is so much nicer.  So I am putting that on the list. I know it seems stupid to add something like this to my work load right now, but stopping the insanity to create something beautiful and soft in the middle of chaos is comforting for me.  I will just take a couple of hours to do something I love and that will help me feel more grounded and less like I am just working, working, WORKING.

     I do think is I can get at least the wedding dress and the all the pants done I will feel better.  Time just seems to fly around here. If I get the shop things stuff done, it will take load off just knowing what needs to be done next.  Then I can face the house.

     I am due at my friends house tonight 5pm to stay the night with her parents so they can take their 8 yr old son on one night of camping.  When you are a full time caregiver you don't get out very much if at all.  So I will just spend the night there and try to do a little cleaning for her.

     I am just so happy it is Friday, although tomorrow will be a cleaning, painting, work day at least I won't have to listen for the shop.

Do any of you just stop in the middle of your chaos to create something, whether it is  batch of cookies, bake a pie, sew a little something, mess in the garden or do a craft?

Does it help you feel better and reflect?

I know it helps me deal with my crazies, which are at an all time high right now and will probably stay here for the next 5 weeks.  (WEDDING OVER)

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You are one busy lady! Juts take a deep breath and know that it will all get done. It is so very nice of you to babysit the parents tonight so that your friend can go out. You are an angel for them.

    I hope you have a good evening and great weekend.

  2. Your crazies are because you never slow down my friend! I know I am talking to the wind - but you need to learn to say NO once in a while.
    I admire you for your energy - although I would never want to be that busy EVER!!!!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. I would have a nervous breakdown if I were as busy as you. Be careful. Your kids may have to call a babysitter in for YOU if you don't learn to say no, just as Cheryl said! Remember, you do not have to save the world. All the stress that you feel is because you bring it upon yourself. Have you ever thought of counseling to get to the root of this? It can help to know what makes us tick.

  4. So much to do! Being less of a go-getter than you, I would just do the shop work, and deal with the house a little at a time, when convenient. I hope the boy has fun on his camping trip. I'm sure he will enjoy spending the time with his parents. You are so thoughtful to help!

  5. You always stay busy, maybe it keeps you sane in the chaos. When things get to much for me, I will look at Facebook. It is an addicting distraction.

  6. I agree with Val. No bills will go unpaid if the house stays in chaos a bit longer, so focusing on the paid work rather than housework makes sense. I know you will always step up for your friends, like helping the parent caregiver. I know that is probably a meaningful thing for you as you understand what being a caregiver means. I hope that in time and turn, others step up for you.

  7. Breathe!!! Then do what earns money first, what pleases you second, cooking after that because food is necessary then housework and yard work last, except for picking things from the garden cause that will fill the belly

  8. Living in a cluttered, chaotic house stresses me out. So, for me the best thing to do is stop and straighten up one small area.

  9. I do stop and rest for at least 20 min and read each afternoon.Hubby is still adjusting to it but my primary doctor backed me that break helps keep me well and gives me...ME TIME. House in chaos but if I die tonight I won't care. That's what my MOTHER used to say after my parents divorced.

  10. I know what you mean about needing to get things done. It's hard when there is so much to do at one time. I received a homemade blanket when my daughter was born and my friend even had it entered in the county fair and gave me the ribbon. It was one of my favorite presents.