Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday, Nice weekend

     This is a picture of our youngest grandson at his Great grandmother's funeral.  Is that not the sweetest pose?  It was just snapped by a cousin when he rolled over on a bench at the graveside service.  What a cutie. 

  I had a nice calm weekend.  I just did things I wanted to do, with no pressure.  I am sure I could have gotten more accomplished, but I did not put myself on a schedule. 

     Saturday, I spent time in the yard.  I was able to weed the garden and  the big flowers bed out front.  I also weeded the blueberry run beside the house. I swear weeds spring up over night.

     Hub's dug out several old bushes, and I cut back an overgrown Stag horn sumac.  We have about 3 55 gallon garbage cans plus all the tree trimmings to take to the dump.  I am hoping to do that today.

     Then later in the afternoon on Saturday I went to my Lil sis's and we went to a few second hand stores.  I found nothing.  But I did rake in the found money this weekend.  I actually found two quarters and three pennies in our drive way.  Must have been dropped by a customer.  Then while I was out with Lil sis I found a penny at Rite aid. While we were doing the missionary rounds I found a penny in the gravel in front of one of the apartments.  It had been there a long time.  You could barely discern it was a penny it was so dirty.   So .55 cent this weekend.  I may be able to retire soon.

     Sunday after church we made the Orofino, Kamiah, Gangeville loop to check missionary apartments.  This always takes about 4 hours of driving, but the drive was beautiful.  We arrived home in time for Hub's to get to orchestra and I cleaned out the much needed fridge.  Then it was just a peaceful dinner of beef broccoli and Netflix.  Nice weekend I did get about 4 things off my nag list.

     I want to get several things done in the shop this week.  Among them at least 3 wedding dresses and three bridesmaid dresses. Plus there is stuff in the pile as usual.  Then whatever comes in and it always comes in this time of year.

     As for outside, I have a tree that I want to prune back before I get Hub's to do a dump run.  I also will insist this week that the chicken coop be cleaned and all the old wood be taken to the dump.  I know we have a full load if we put everything together.

     Sometime today I am going to switch my summer and winter wardrobe around, as it is becoming a nuisance with things all over between closets.  As  in piles of sandals everywhere.  Shoe droppings.

What are you plans for the week?  Do you have any now that summer is getting into full swing?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. Oh my, your grandson is adorable. Those spontaneous pictures are always the best.
    I find change often, but since G passed away - I find pennies every single time I go out and every single place I go. "Pennies from heaven" I guess. I love it - and I put those in a special jar now.

    Don't over work and have a good week.

  2. Cute picture! If I get color on my hair today, I will consider the week a success. The antibiotic seems to make me sleepy.

  3. That IS a sweet picture! I haven't found any coins over the past 10 days! The drought has to break soon. Maybe I need to get some customers in my driveway. Oh, wait. That would mean I had to do some work. Never mind.

    1. I would so like to join you on the no work. I am getting really sick of it!

  4. Your grandson is adorable!
    I found 14 cents at Aldi by the cart return. That is the sole money findings for the year for me. Glad I am not counting on it funding our retirement.

  5. Isn't he a cutie when he isn't crying or nagging. You are rich!