Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday, Days like this

     I got a good start on two wedding dresses yesterday and am now at the point that I need the bodies in them to proceed.  Of course neither bride has gotten back to me and they hang taking up room I need to do other things.  When items are not finished I do not make money and I get frustrated.  But on a better note I was able to reach both brides this morning and they are both coming in today, so I should be able to get the dresses done this week.

     I could hardly make myself get into the shop yesterday.  For some reason I just did not want to be motivated, but I finally went in there and just created a mess.

     Today besides meeting the brides I need to hem at least four bridesmaid dresses.  So I must not drag my feet like I did yesterday.

     I was able to get my summer and winter clothes switched around and down size several things.  Then I took them to a resell shop where I finally found a blouse with green in it for a very good price.

     Hubs was outside working on the deck without being nagged.  (I need to see if he is okay.)  He rebuilt two of the steps that were loose.  He has also torn up on the the leveling steps and found it rotted underneath.  So we went to home depot last night and bought two boards that came to 20.16.  For two boards and these were just treated lumber!  Hubs also dug around and found several good deck boards that we had wrapped in tarps and plastic and saved from 20 years ago, saving us money now.  So at least the deck will have safe steps even though it is an ugly mess as far as I am concerned. I would love to rip the whole thing out and replace it with a trex deck.  Someday in my next life.

     I have a specialist appointment this afternoon and the babies are coming tomorrow so I really have to produce today.

     I picked the first small zucchini and yellow squash from the garden yesterday so we will have those for dinner tonight along with salad from the garden.  In the next two weeks the garden will start to boom.  I love being able to eat roasted veggies from the garden along with some sort of protein and salad.

How are your summer days going?  Are you picking anything from your garden?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. The only thing my garden is producing in quantity is WEEDS! lolz It will be at least another month before we see a cuke(and that's usually the first thing to ripen/grow to picking size).

    1. Well you are a little behind us in the growing season.

  2. People who aren’t available for fittings were a huge peeve of mine when I occasionally used to sew for others. I feel for ya!
    We are getting a handful of assorted berries and a handful of tomatoes daily. Husband all dug up his bucket potato crop so we’re eating tiny potatoes often.

    Like Slugmama, we have sooooo many garden weeds and with both of us having cranky backs, I’m afraid they are will get the best of the veggie patches this year.

    1. We have that same problem. But Hubs always says never have a garden larger than your wife can weed. He is so clever.... NOT!