Thursday, June 20, 2019

Friday,In mother's memory

     Yesterday was a whirlwind of doing.  I actually worked myself into a really bad headache.  Not sure where it came from but it was a doozy.  One of those that leaves you kind of weak and fuzzy in the morning.  So here I am trying to put my mind around packing for the lake and it is cold outside.  So that means double packing. Ugh!

     We have so looked forward to this and it has been so warm and nice and finally we get to go enjoy and it turns out cold and nasty.  I can only hope that 250 miles north the weather will change.  But I will pack a few games and an umbrella.  We can walk in the rain and play cards and things.

     The littles were fun yesterday.  They are so cute and funny, but they keep us hopping.  We played out in the backyard in the small wading pool until they got cold an then inside to wrap up in blankets and read a story.  Both went down for good naps.

     Lil sis had a heck of a day at work yesterday, and did not get home until after 7.  I had to  make dinner for hubs and myself along with getting dinner over to my friend.  She was arriving home at a little after 8.  So Lil sis and I just sat on her deck and talked and laughed about moms antics, we went out a got a soda and just spent time together.  It was nice.

     Trying to get dinner made was sketchy, I had a package of stew meat and I just mixed flour,salt,pepper in a bowl, covered all the meat with this mixture then, then fried all in a little oil, drained and served with steak sauce.  Our garden is also producing beans.  I discovered this last night and we will have a bumper crop.  So picked beans and made Asian style fried beans.  Picked a large salad from the garden. I love this time of year, because from now on dinner will be whatever I pick from the garden and some kind of protein.

     I took a plate of steak bites, ad green beans to my friends along with the shrimp salad and cake.
I knew her dad was hard to please as he wants a full course meal.  You know a meat,potatoes,veggie and dessert.  This is one of the hard things about caring for people with Dementia.  She is so busy trying to work herself and care for these two crotchety old people.  I remember with mom the hardest part of my day was dinner time.  I was busy and Hubs would understand and not complain about a hot dish or just veggies from the garden with rice.  But mom wanted a full spread every night.  It was grueling.

     So when I took dinner over I explained to my Friend that the shrimp salad and cake would have been a meal for us with a garden salad and she agreed.  But her dad would want meat and a veggie so I had this nice little plate of green beans and meat tid bits.  She had actually told a story on Face book about him refusing to eat a sandwich for dinner one evening when she was running late and had given lessons all day along with dealing with her folks.  So she cut the sandwich into small pieces divided into portions  and gave him a fork and he ate it like a meal.

     So in memory of my mother and to help this darling woman who has so much on her plate, I am going to take a meal into her once a week for the foreseeable future. I love to cook and it is nothing to cook extra.  If she can just have  one night off to not worry about this it will help.  Even if I get super busy, I can send a pizza, which her son will love.  She does so much volunteer work for the theater and I know this will be a big help to her.  Her mother and my mother suffer from the same kind of dementia.  This woman is a saint I tell you.  Her mother and my mother were good friends. It will be a way to serve that I actually will enjoy.

     So I had better get packing we want to leave around  11:00
Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I hope your lake weather is clear and hot, but I'm sure you'll have a good time no matter what the temperature. Kudos to you for helping out your friend. That will mean a lot to her

  2. Good luck with the lake weather. You are a good friend to help her out like this.

  3. That was so sweet of you to take dinner to your friend's father. I'm sorry you had a headache and hope you're feeling better today. :)

  4. My grandmother would not eat. It wore out my mother who was caring for five kids and obnoxious husband.

  5. Such a thoughtful thing for you to do! I am sure that this regular night off from cooking will mean the world to your friend!

  6. Best gift you could give your friend. Hope you get warm weather at the lake. You can have some of ours. It's 95 and muggy here.

  7. That is such a kind thing for you to do for your friend Kim. You are very thoughtful. I hope you have a super time at the Lake & the weather is kind to you. xx