Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday, Alone

     We got word Friday morning just as we were about to leave with the boys to McCall that the boys great grandmother had died early in the morning.  So our plans did a quick flip. I asked daughter what she needed and wanted us to do.  Obviously they would be going to a funeral later in the week and getting Hubs back home would be a pain.  She asked that we come down just for the weekend and a maybe Monday and Tuesday.  But I had agreed over a month ago to be at the Harley dealership for their anniversary sale so, it was decided that Hub's would drive the boys to McCall and then follow daughter home.  Then he could come through Nampa on the way back and check on his folks.  So I don't get 8 days to myself ,but about 5 and I will take it.

     As the men left I had what I thought was an allergy attack.  But by later in the evening as I was making cookies I realized it was a cold.   Drat!  I left the kitchen an awful mess and went to bed as I had to be up early on Saturday to get to the dealership.

     Saturday morning I was not feeling the greatest, so I took a dose of Dayquil and off I went.  The cookies were a hit, and the place was very busy but the day was a bust for me.  Very little work was done and I mostly sat and played on my phone feeling miserable with my cloudy head.  I left a little after three which was 2 hours early.  As I was not making any money and this was volunteer I did not feel bad.  I was actually getting quite sick.  I had to force myself to go pick up my prescriptions and get, bread and milk.  Then is was home to veg on the couch and take a good 3hour nap.  I went to bed earlier than I expected and spent the night feverish and sweaty.  Tossed and turned achy joints every where.  My hips, my elbows were on fire most of the night. I did not even attempt to wake up to go to church.  But at 10 I heard the dog fussing to be let out and I got up and although I am kind of head achy I don't really feel too bad. Of course I had slept fitfully for about 13 hours.

     Every room in this house is a mess and sheets have to be changed and toilets scrubbed, along with the bomb I set off in the kitchen.  Laundry is backed up and I have not one buttons down blouse to wear as the ironing is beyond out of control.  Because of the arthritis in my shoulders I rarely wear anything that goes over my head.  Even though it is better now I just resort to buttons downs most of the time.  They all have to be ironed.
     I do not want to clean my house, but I do not want to sit on the couch all day allowing myself to stiffen up.  I was glad to read Belinda's post about how she enjoys cleaning and puttering around her house. It gives her joy to do the small tasks that make her home neat.  I have decided to try and adopt that attitude and at least tackle a few things around here.  But I will take it easy if I start to feel weak or sick.

     Some of the things I would like to accomplish today, and I will not get all of them done

1. clean and vacuum family room
2. strip bed in downstairs bedroom and clean it up
3. straighten shop and organize sewing.
4. strip bed in guest room and clean
5. clean guest bath it is a wreck
6. clean downstairs bath
7. clean master bedroom
8. clean master bath
9. get laundry all caught up and put away
10.  Clean kitchen and dining area
11. vacuum front room and dust
12. Vacuum and sweep hall
13. water plants in front and back yard
14. get ironing done
15. pay bills and send out graduation cards

That is a enough I think I have given myself a worse headache.  The couch looks very inviting.




  1. I vote you get back into the bed soon, or lie down on the couch to rest and let a nap come over you. I can still get my arms over my head easily, but I cannot work for long with my arms raised, like getting things from a shelf or hanging clothes. Have you ever investigated stem cell therapy? If I could afford it, that is what I would do for the age-related arthritis and pain.

    1. I had several hours of down time in between getting things done.

  2. I am sorry you feel bad, get better quickly. I like doing small stretches of time on chores. Spend 15 -20 minutes on something and then move on. You can go back later and do more if desired. It makes it less daunting, especially on bigger projects.
    Small cleaning projects can actually make things look different - Belinda is right.
    Feel better!!!!

    1. I did break things up and took several long rests in between doing things. I am feeling better.

  3. So sorry to read you are full of a cold Kim ... it can be awful & can certainly zap all your energy. I wish I was there to help you with your house ... two hands can make light work! I agree with Cheryl above - just small stretches of time can be helpful. I hope you are feeling better real soon.

    1. That is exactly what I did, and I still got most of it done. But like me I just kept thinking of things I should add to the list. I told myself NO!

  4. When I don't feel good but need to get things done I take it in chunks. Do one task, go back to the couch to sit (or sleep). Hope you feel better soon!

    1. That is exactly what I did and look what was accomplished.

  5. I hope you allowed yourself rest periods, so you can get over this sickness faster. You've accomplished more than I do when healthy!

    1. Well I am a work-aholic, but I did what I could a wanted to with several long rest periods in between.

  6. I think I need to read Brenda's post .... where is it as I definitely need a new attitude... Feel better friend, take care of yourself