Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday, Another chart!

     I completed another chart yesterday, even though money intake this week has been very slow as I am working on wedding dresses and they take so much time so small amounts of money do not role in.  Although they pay better you have longer waiting times for cash to roll.

     Today will be a very hectic busy day as I am behind.  Last night I got a call from my Lil sis and her beloved dog Riley who was going on 15 passed away. As I had the littles yesterday I could do no sewing and I was waiting for evening to get a few things done.  I wanted to finish up a wedding dress and then hem at least two dresses.

     I was about 1/2 way through with sewing the lace back on the wedding dress by hand when I got the call from Lil sis.  I was at her house for several hours cleaning up messes the dog had made and did not get home until after midnight. Then I had to finish the wedding dress.  The other dresses did not get done.

     I have at least 8 dresses to get done today. I will not leave that shop until I get a load of stuff done.  I feel very blessed with work and I just keep telling myself that all this hard work will eventually pay off and I can relax a little.

     I need to water today and plant the plants I bought at Home depot, also the laundry is backed up again.  I sometimes feel like I just get nothing done.  If the shop continues to be this busy we may not be able to watch the little for a few weeks as I need that day to just stay ahead of the 8 ball.

     The hose was spraying water out at the connection and the littles decided it was a drinking fountain.  Hubs and I laughed so hard at them.  Then spent the morning playing in the wading pool.  Hubs and I sat on the deck under the umbrella and watched their antics.  It was relaxing and warm and I thought what a nice break from the shop, but tonight I will .......  well that did not happen so now I must pay the piper so to speak.

     So I feel a list coming on, and I really need to get some motivation to stick to this list today.

1. call bride and set up appointment
2. lilac bridesmaid hem
3. mother of the bride hem
4. mauve dress hem
5. burgundy dress  alter/hem
6. blue dress alter/hem
7. pink dress alter/hem
8. hem 2 pink bridesmaid dresses
10. get laundry started
11. straighten shop
12. found another burgundy bridesmaid to hem

Okay now I want to go to bed:)

Let's see if I can get through this.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I am so sorry for your sister. Losing an animal is so hard.

    The best of luck today getting your to do list done.

    1. Thanks, I checked on her last night and she was doing better.

  2. Good luck with your dresses! You've got this. And, I really like your new chart. Very motivating!

    1. This is my third year of using this chart and it really helps motivate me to save toward debt pay off and also lets me know just how much money i have.

  3. You make my head spin. Sloooooooow down one day!
    You need more items on the left side here like "spend day at lake" and "try and relax more".
    There sure are a lot of DONES over there!!!!

    I am so sorry for your sisters doggy. Poor baby. Hugs to sis.

  4. Children are easily amused and cheaply, too, at that age.

  5. Why does everybody have to get married at the same time! It never rains but it pours :) I hope you are well compensated for these amazing dresses!

    1. I am killing my debt payoff on the house so I feel like I am rewarded.

  6. So sad about the dog. At least she had a good 15 years with him. That picture of the "fountain drinkers" is precious.

    1. losing an animal is an intense kind of pain. I checked on her last night and she was doing better.