Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday, Finding money,Hubs hearing aids

     So one of the first things Hub's does while we are at the lake is lose one of his hearing aids.  I had rubbed my hands over his fuzzy head as I went by him ( a sign of affection) on my way to get myself a treat from the cabin.  He shouts out my hearing aid, you knocked out my hearing aid.   So of course I did not get my treat and we all jumped up and started to look for the said device. I would have liked to have knocked out something else....

     First I told him not to move and go through his clothing as no one heard it drop .  Not that any of us would.  No hearing aid in his vest or his shirt which I made him completely remove in the house.  So now we are scouring the deck floor which of course has cracks in it.  But are they large enough to allow a hearing aid through?  Well not really, but if the hearing aid bounced there are a few places that is might have gone down and landed on the earth below.

     All I could think about was the $3000.00 it would cost to replace it, plus Hubs paranoia about going anywhere again.  He would not be earning the money I would have to slave to replace it.  So daughter and I crawled under the deck and it was very hard.  It was dirty and spidery and gross.  But I was willing to fight a spider and my aversion to small dirty places for $3000.00.  We spent at least 1.5 hours hunched over in the dark with a flashlight removing one leaf at a time and every rock and stone looking for the darn thing and no luck.

     But I did find .16 cents for my efforts.  One dime, one penny and one nickle.  I put these toward the new hearing aid fund, because you have to start some where right?  My daughter called it quits as her back was killing her and asked how I stood it, looking for so long.  I said for $3000.00 I would endure the pain for a long, long time.  Finally we all said a prayer together although I was praying the whole time, and I had this thought to run my hands around hubby's waist. Not something I do lightly:)  I kept my fingers creeping up his stomach and sure enough there was a non humanoid lump on his stomach.  I said there is your hearing aid.  He had not taken off his undergarment as it is so tight he figured nothing would go down it.  So I was so relieved.....  and I am .16 cents richer. 

     Now I ask why could he not feel this?  Well he panics and his Parkinson's condition causes a fog in his nervous system especially when he panics.  The next time it will be a strip search.  If I can live through it. 

     We were playing a dice game a few hours later and we realized we were short a die.  Daughter wanted to go through dad's underwear but I had, had enough of the father for the day.  The die was later found on a suitcase obviously carried there by an earnest three year old.  No prayer was involved in this finding.

     I wanted to show you some pictures of the garden up close.


Look at all those beans and flowers.  That stinking maple tree that I have cut back every year  that keeps on insisting on growing under the deck.

These cucumbers are coming on strong.  There are several and we have already eaten a couple.
Green peppers! and I have to be patient and wait until they are large enough.  Hard for me.  The eggplant behind has some little eggplants that are about 3 inches long have to be patient with those also.  We have lots of green tomatoes but the real intense heat needed to ripen them is not happening.
 We have been eating green beans for a week now, so good.     

     I was able to get Hub's to remove all the wood and old wood yesterday from the deck and around the chicken coop. and we took a load to the dump.  He is working on adding a new roof to part of our chicken coop.  Speaking of chickens, I boiled a dozen eggs yesterday and will have egg salad for dinner.  I was able to get the ironing done last night and also take a walk with the dog.

     The shop has been crazy busy today and I  need to get in there and sew.  I also want to make pie crusts this evening as I have strawberries to make pies for tomorrow.  The littles come tomorrow also so I will be busy running and need to get the harder stuff done today! 

     Well I have no more excuses to sit and putter.  I need to put the laundry away I finished yesterday and get three days quota of sewing done before I tackle my pie crusts and deep clean the kitchen.

     What are you going to get done today?  Anything special bugging you.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. That will be my first answer going forward if something is lost.....J has it in his underwear! lolz

  2. No matter what is lost the running joke is going to be to check his drawers.
    What a legacy!

  3. So glad you found the hearing aid, plus the bonus 16 cents!

    1. I know at the time I was not very thrilled ,but after I thought...

  4. Glad to hear that the hearing aid story had a happy ending.

  5. Oh no! That was a fortunate find. Enjit the lake.

    1. Sam, I was about wetting myself thinking of paying for a new one.

  6. Your garden is beautiful! Congrats on finding the $.16.

    I am so glad that you found the hearing aid! Hubby has one and believe me when I say I would not want to have to replace it. It's bad enough when they wear out and no longer work and you have to replace them. Sorry you had to crawl all over looking for it. It's amazing what we will do to help our man!

  7. Mom. Garden news? We all have to become our mothers, but do you have to become your mother-in-law as well?