Monday, June 3, 2019

Monday,A new month, thank goodness

Every day of this month (and I have to realize it is the 3rd day ) has been into the 80's and perfectly sunny.  I am loving it.  I go out on the back deck and it is intensely warm.  I am hoping to go for a walk this evening.  I love warm weather.  Please remind me of this when it is 110 and I am stuck in my basement sweating my life away!

But right now I am in my happy place.  Just let me enjoy the hot sun soaking into my bones.

     May was a crazy month with the ivy/moss fiasco and the tearing up of the the outside of the house.  It is done and now we need to move on.  I have decided to wait until after B's wedding which is August 3rd to try and do anything else to the house.  It is what it is.  Now something may come along to change my mind but as for now that worry is on the back burner.

So how did May go?

Financial:  WIN

1. I was able to add and extra $1000.00 to the mortgage
2. I did keep up my penny savings plan.
3. I did save all of my $5.00 bills we are at $1000.00  Abut $200.00 a month average
4. I added all my spare change to my pig bank, which is getting kind of heavy.

Overall I generally win at financial

Health goals: WIN/LOSE

1. keep diet coke consumption to two a day  (do you see how this is creeping up) We have had no cans of diet coke bought in this house for the year so far and I call that a win.  I have cut back significantly
2. Try and get 10,000 steps a day in at least 5 days a week.  I had 14 days and I needed 20 so a half win maybe.
3. Get heart rate up at lest 30 minutes a day only 9 days but I sure worked hard on that ivy and roof so I am calling this a win. 
4. lose weight: well I have kept off the 7.5 pounds that I took off this year so I call that a win.


1. bless others  I do what I can when I can and I probably do to much. WIN
2. read more and study (not a bit) LOSE
3. Sing in the choir and practice the piano every day ( we did sing but I have touched the piano maybe twice this month,) LOSE
4.continue to work on projects (Did get into the rug that sissy ruined and started to fix it) WIN

 SO for June I have new goals on the side bar which I did update for Sluggy as I still had April there, she never misses a thing.  She keeps me in line.

 For those of you who read yesterdays post, I just spent the day laying on the couch and when I would get a bit of energy I would go do a room.  I ironed 10 pieces at a time.  As I was doing things I would add things in my mind that I thought needed to be added to the list.  Then I would remind myself that I was not going to even get the list done so STOP ALREADY.

So there are a few things left for today and I don't know if I will even get these done as I have to get sewing done also.

1. finish dusting a cleaning the front room (right now all the furniture is pulled away from the walls)
2. vacuum and sweep the hall and rugs.
3. clean and organize the shop
4. mop kitchen floor
5. clean out the refrigerator
6. sew
7. feed and clean out chicken water (hub's usually does this)
8. water all flowers
9. take a long walk

I am going to straighten the shop first and then sew before I tackle anything else.  If I start cleaning I will not go into the shop and I need the money.  Or I should say I want the cash flow.

There are many things that I still need to do outside and inside this house but they are on the sidebar for June to get done.

So there is May in a nutshell.  I think I did pretty well.  Did you accomplish  any or all of your May goals?  Do you have any new ones for June?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. The third of June; this is the day Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge.
    I think you had a great May, but then I think you do so well nearly all of the time!

    1. Really? I had to go look up the song lyrics. I feel like I had a great May, as I lived through it.

  2. you did great for May especially with all the curve balls flying your way.

  3. Good job with May! June sounds like it's off to a good start, with the warm weather making you happy (for now)!

    1. Thanks, I am happy but the garden is growing weeds like crazy. Oh well more work but I will take it for the warmth.

  4. I did pretty well, but certainly didn't accomplish all of my goals. My major ones got done: I got prepped for my sabbatical with a smooth transition, took my mom to Las Vegas, ran a half marathon, and bonus: ran a relay as well. A lot of other things fell to the way side, but I feel good about what I accomplished

    1. Good for you I would love to be able to run again.