Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday, make up post all things Thrifty and not!

Boy did hubs get into it yesterday.  I was really too sick to be driving but I didn't dare leave my MIL home alone.  Hubs of course did the clueless man thing.  I really think they just don't think. 

I swear I could be laying in a pile on the floor unresponsive and he would step over me and ask my corpse what is for dinner. It must be an on the spectrum thing because he just doesn't handle any kind of disruption well, plus he won't wear his hearing aids and was forcing his mom and I to holler and neither of us has a loud voice right now. 

I got to the doctor and was much sicker than I thought I was.  Doctor was upset.  She said it was a rebound infection (yeah like I have never had that before) but this also crept into my lungs.  I needed to go home and stay down for at least 16-24 hours to get anti biotic into my system.

Well mom is sick, and I did not want her getting up and walking to the bathroom by herself.  Do you think I could get Hubs to pay attention and stay on task?  Nope not a clue. I had to keep getting up to take care of her.  Finally, I txt Signe' and she showed up on her lunch break just as her dad was asking about what he could have for lunch and oh what about dinner? By the time she got done with him he was pretty mortified. I was to be left alone.  I was not to be talked to or asked any questions.  He was only allowed to speak to me if the house was on fire.  He was to take care of his mom.  She also returned after work and chewed on him some more.  Poor darling, I am trying to feel bad for him, but I just can't.

Feeling much better this morning.  My head is not exploding, and my aches and pains are diminishing. Still coughing but everything is loosening up. My breathing sounds like crinkling tin foil it is so weird.

It is Winnie (Braunwyn) and Dan's anniversary today.  Hard to believe this was three years ago.  But Oliver just turned two so that is about right. Dan is up in Spokane having his 3rd MRI this afternoon to just check on his seizures.  But we are all at peace with that now.

I did turn my phone off yesterday, something I rarely do, but still had clients show up that needed to pick things up. That was hard.

 Anyway, on with life.

I am going to take it easy today, may do a little work, but I doubt it.  I wanted to get another wedding dress out today as I had one go out yesterday, but it can wait until next week.

Here is my frugal Friday list, usually it is Thrifty Thursday

1. saved all my spare change.

2. saved all my $5 bills. $885.00 total so $55.00 this week in 5's

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

4. add $73.  something to my penny can for my penny savings.

5. Bought a large amount of meat on a great sale and brought it home and rewrapped it for the freezer.

6. had a neighbor bring me zucchini

7. cooked all meals from home with items we had here

8. took a mess of green beans to Oliver's party for fried green beans

9. eating, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, green beans, squash, peppers out of the garden.

10. Used coupon at Joanns

11. bought gas at least expensive station gas is now $4.19 here and dropping.  So grateful.

12. downloaded receipts to fetch

13. Found a sip n save program at a local gas station, where you pay $7.99 for the month, and you can get a free giant soda every day.  Much less expensive than even the $1 sodas at Mc d's.  Bonus for Kim

14.  Part of Oliver's birthday was clothing I had paid $1. $2. $3. for on great baby sales.  But also bought him a bubble machine.  I don't want to be the clothes grandma.

15. used my clothesline instead of dryer

Things I did this week that were not frugal

1. bought Mom a gallon of orange juice to get her calories up, and help with her cold

2. made a candy bouquet out of reeses candies for a friend's birthday

Rather a boring week for money savings, just the same old same old, but remember it all adds up.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Kim is going to lie down.




  1. And you stay down Missy! Thems there orders from your Slug....

    1. I did through the weekend and I am much better, still peeing my pants when I cough but down to a smaller pad. Okay TMI

  2. Thank you for posting, I was worried! And I am smiling at your wonderful daughter for blasting husband. Yep, I understand. Yesterday I pulled a muscle really badly in my back and was worried I would be down for the count for a few days. No way husband and dog can fend for themselves…at least I didn’t have a mother in law on my sofa! But I feel better so could pay bills and feed everyone. Please take another day off, it will speed up your healing a lot! Hilogene in Az.

  3. Please continue to rest and regain your strength and health, that is good your daughter laid down the law for your hubby. Let you rest.

  4. Do we need to send a posse to your house to wrestle you into the bed? TAKE CARE OF KIM!!!!!!

  5. That's a lovely photo memory. Now, use those girls to keep you rested, and others stepping up. Both you and mom could be worse without care and rest. Men baffle me.

  6. I think most men are clueless. I hope your daughter at least brought food in while she was chewing her daddy out.
    Glad the antibiotics are kicking in, and I hope your mil is doing better too.
    Happy Anniversary to your youngest; what a sweet picture! Hope the MRI was ok!

    1. Everything is fine with Dan for now, I am better, not 100% but much better.

  7. I'm with Sluggy...get some rest! Seriously!

  8. Drink plenty of water and get lots of rest so you heal quickly.

  9. Time to rest up and take care of yourself, Kim. Doctors orders! 👨‍⚕️

  10. A non-exploding head is a step in the right direction. 👍

    Glad your daughter was able to settle your DH a bit. Isn't he wearing his new hearing aids? You need some rest. Hope you are getting some this weekend and will be much better by Monday.

    Pneumonia creates some interesting sounds, doesn't it? I'll be thrilled if I never hear them again! LOL

    ...Taja 🏜️

    1. I just have never gotten so sick so quickly before. It is murder the coughing.

  11. Here's hoping you are taking great care of yourself & getting lots of rest! You need it.

  12. Here in Minnesota we have Holiday gas stations that do the monthly subscription for 7.99 (used to be 5.99 :(. I have really enjoyed it, for any cold or coffee drink, one per day. Still a great deal as I don’t buy anything else when I’m in there and am usually going by there at least 5 times a week. But I still occasionally also get my favorite mcD diet cokes!

    1. Well if McD goes to 1.75 for diet cokes we will switch full time.

  13. Have the doctor explain to your Hubby that NOT wearing his hearing aids can cause dementia. That's how MIL got FIL to wear his and why Hubby got his hearing checked AND wears his hearing aids daily.

    1. Oh honey I think that ship has sailed....But I will try.