Monday, August 15, 2022

Monday, Kim did nothing addition

 Kim did nothing Friday.  She slept, watched crap TV.  Went for a swim at sissies and then came home and went to bed to watch more crap TV.

Saturday, she slept until 10:37, got up and got ready to drive to daughters.  We spent the day shopping, ate out, went to the show and drove home.  I was home by midnight.  The house was a big mess, and I did not care.  Went to bed, woke at 10:30.

Got ready for church, went to church and came home and slept off and on for the whole day.  House still messy. Went to bed in messy house at 10:30 and got up with Kelsa at 7:30. House still messy.  I have a big pot of chili in the works and will make corn bread to go with it. Ignoring house.  Ignoring toys on floor of spare room. Do have a load in the wash that I will hang after this post and then start another.  But that is as far as I have gotten in cleaning.

Friday evening, I did run to Walmart and bought two large plastic containers to store costumes in but have yet to get them transferred. I really have been sloth like.  But I don't care.  Saturday was a big day of walking, over 12,000 steps and my legs were a little sore as I did not wear really good shoes.  I was tired so I just rested. You know the dirty house will not leave me; it will still be here after the kids leave.

Sluggy is with Sissie this week and I am very jealous.  They are going to have fun without me.  They have already called to rub it in and taunt me. I think Slug needed a break from the packing and downsizing of the house.  Lil sis's is a nice place to stay, she is the ultimate hostess.

I just so badly need to get my butt in gear.  I will have to convince myself to get busy.

So here is my list:

1. hem clint's pants and mail

2. alter three pairs of jeans at waist

3. put patches on military

4. hem shirt

5. hem two pairs of pants

6. alter shoulders of wedding dress and call

7. clean and organize shop

8. pull three more wedding dresses to get done this week

9. alter a pair of pants for a friend

Okay let's see what Kim can do when she puts her mind to something.

I also have a large pot of chili started and I will make corn bread.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

What are you going to get done today?

You will notice there is no housework....

Kim who has done nothing:)


  1. I hope you're okay. You sound exhausted, and your body is telling you by the sleeping in. I tried to sleep in yesterday, but the dog would not let me.

  2. Only you would say “Kim who has done nothing”, then mention 12,000 steps, going out of town, making chili and taking care of granddaughter etc etc. you make me smile ;). Today I had a bone density scan, then came home and heated up some leftover bbq ribs and oven roasted potatoes. Probably time for me to rest ;). I have a vision of you walking into your shop and turning around for a nap!. Hope you get more sleep today, Hilogene in Az.

    1. Well let's put it this way, Kim was not in overdrive, pushing herself to perfection, she just was.

  3. This is a welcome edition! What happened with the teen who helped you at your house was paid for by daughter. I know school may be in session, but have heard nothing about her for months.

    You are smart to rest and let the mess lie. Kid will just get it out they always do. Maybe you can let this be a lesson and sleep and rest more.

    1. Oh, I know I just let it be until I don't have a few days with them because really why bother?

  4. Glad you finally listened (somewhat) to your body. The Saturday trip sounds fun - but not exactly restful! You needed the rest. No one can go full bore all the time.

    1. You are right and trying to convince myself to stay down is hard.

  5. Good for you for getting some rest, Kim.

  6. I am all about this, my friend! Sometimes we need days like that. P.S. I love cornbread.

    1. I do to, I could eat an entire pan, it is like rice krispy treats.

  7. You'll hear tomorrow what I did today. I'm pooped out. Good for you resting and playing, and resting some more.

  8. You are tired Kim & you are right to rest & to listen to what your body is telling you. The housework will always be there waiting. Unless you have a housework fairy & if you do ..... please send her to me!! xx

  9. Kim did what was necessary--rest! Although your version of resting could exhaust some people! ;-)

    There is only one Kim. Please take care of her. :-)

    ...Taja 🏜️

  10. Well technically there are genetically two of me, and my other half was up at 4 and had two pans of baklava made by 10. So she makes me look bad.