Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thursday, Thrifty died... When Kim does not work

 When Kim does not work, Kim does not save.  I was in shock when I went to see what I had done to save this week. Oh well I can't always be putting excess money away.  But I did not think it was this bad.

Yesterday was so busy, I had 5 wedding dresses come in, it was constant doorbell and cars lined up in the driveway.

I did have a wedding dress go out and I did get the three bridesmaids done that I needed to have done and then last night after a nap I hemmed 8 pairs of pants.  That is all I had the energy for.  Those three dresses will go out today.

I want to get a couple if not three wedding dresses done today.  I need to get a few more out of the shop.  It is getting tight in there.

I just thought the season would wind down.  Now I know that October is the second biggest wedding month here, so I have to be prepared and get all those dresses done so I can go on my girl's trip and feel relaxed.  I can do this, if it will just slow down a bit.

Made spag sauce last night with my garden medley I boiled down Sunday night.  I used two cups in my sauce and froze the rest to make more sauce.  It was delicious. Hubs brings in handfuls of cherry tomatoes every day and we eat them like candy.

So, note the changes for the week when Kim is down and not out and about.

1. saved all my spare change (only contributed once to the bank)

2. saved ONE $5 bill this week.  Only one.  So total is $890.00 Kim needs to be out spending money to save 5's

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

4. ate all meals at home from mostly freezers and storage.

5. used corn, beans, tomatoes, onions, squash, peppers, cabbage from the garden for many meal sides.

6. Made enough boiled down tomato/pepper/onion stock for three good batches of spag sauce.  Froze two.

7. Cut and dried many herbs

8. Made two large loaves of french bread.  Cost .50 compared to $2.59 a loaf at store. Will use leftovers for french toast

9. used coupon at Joanns

10. downloaded a couple of receipts to fetch.

As I have been really down, I have not saved as much or in as many ways as usual, but that is okay.

Mom and Hubs are returning to Nampa tomorrow and he will stay over and come home Saturday.  He would like me to go, but the thought of 11 hours in the car when I have so much to do here is overwhelming.  Plus, I just need to rest and having him gone will allow me more of that. 

Mom is considerably weaker than she was at Christmas.  This is good in some ways as she is not trying to come into the shop and help me (not). She is not nagging me to eat and following me around with food.  But this has a downside as we realize she is just slowly leaving us in some ways.  Where is the mom that could walk a mile?  Now she gets to the end of the driveway and turns around.  She has to lay down and rest after she makes up a bed.  She is just so very tired. I am really worried. If we go to the store, she often stops and finds a place to sit and rest. 

She still insists on living alone and we want her to be able to do what she wants as long as she can.  It would be lovely if she could pass in her own home, but the longevity in her family will probably prevent that. Aging parents are so hard.  But I also know it is very hard on them.

Well, I am off to get some work done.

Have you done anything to save money this week?  Are any of you eating from the garden?  If so what?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I'm sorry to read about your MIL. Maybe she's just feeling under the weather and will bounce back again. I know it's hard though. My MIL will be 82 next week, still very active and mobile, so young, but not real young. I think I might be a ninny, but I'm not following how not being out and about spending money keeps you from saving money. Isn't it still better to keep funds in your possession than convert them to smaller bill increments?

  2. Age has a way of slowing us all down. The older we get the worse it gets.
    Please remember that HEALTH is much more important than extra money. Stuff will get paid, maybe just not a quickly as you would like.

  3. Think about this--how long does it take you to make bread, beginning to end and clean up everything, including putting the bread away. I know you think it is fast and easy. Then, consider how much money you could make during that time. At the rates you charge for sewing, you could make more money by sewing, at least taking a breather for sewing. I know that homemade bread is so much better.

    We went to the food giveaway, but this week gave most of it away, so still no waste in giving it away. The freezer is full and much of the protein is cooked since we cook a lot at once. We still have cooked vegetables and will eat every bite.

    1. Pp - aren’t food give away a in your area specifically advertised for those at risk of going hungry??? Why on earth are you taking from it when you have huge storage? And you aren’t working there and taking at end of night either.

    2. Troll, why are you coming on Kim's blog to harrass me. No, not means tested, but I would be eligible.

    3. You are right about the bread baking, but I also love to take a break and just do something else. Plus YUM! Trolls will be trolls.

    4. It’s not trolling when it’s fact. Those food giveaways for for people in immediate need of going hungry. You talk about your many stores of food on hand. It’s that simple. Facts are not trolling. Abusing a food giveaway, that is the real trolling. It’s just reality.

    5. I’m sorry but I have to agree. I have been bothered by this fact for some time too. Sorry. - Alana.

  4. Hello at long last Kim ... I have been away (again!!) & on my return our computer had crashed so I have missed lots of your blog posts. I was able to read on my phone sometimes but could not comment. You are always so busy my friend - I am sorry to read you have been so unwell & hope you are feeling better now. I can totally relate to how you are feeling about Mum as I have been through this all year with my Mum - it is so hard to see them declining. Take care Kim - its nice to be back in blogland again - I missed it. xx

  5. You already know how hard it is to watch our parents age and lose their zest for life. I am sorry you are having to witness it again.
    Get those brides in order__Florida is waiting!

    1. I know and I am going to have all the October dresses done before I leave. If it would just slow down!!!!