Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday, Focus!!!, thrifty Thursday

 Yesterday was just a lesson in frustration. In fact, the whole week has been.  Some weeks I can get work out and others know matter how hard I try or how good my intentions are I can't get anything done.  I worked on two bride dresses yesterday ALL DAY.  Neither was hard but just complications set in. 

One was a simple dart in the bust, but the bust turned out to be done in small lace pieces and would not lay right and when I tried to get the seams lay correctly, I ended up releasing pieces of lace and then had to get it all back together with little, teeny tiny stitches. It was a very cheaply made dress and made for a very time-consuming alteration. It was like a dragon rearing its ugly head.  When you pick up a dress and say to yourself oh this will be easy, just shorten straps, put in darts and bustle and then hours later you are frantically trying to get it back together it is very discouraging.

Then I had to put cap sleeves into a sleeveless dress and as it had to be done by hand, I got them in in correctly.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Maybe I wasn't.  Anyway, I have not finished that dress either.  So, I was planning on getting to 5 dresses and I got to two one not even close to done.  All damn day.

I just have to really focus, as when I get frustrated by these kinds of things, I start to spiral out of control and my anxiety gets the better of me.  I then start doing things that don't need to be done, like, let's clean the fridge and empty the freezers.  Or I think I need to totally empty the garage and wipe everything down and put it back, even though it is 112 outside.  You know ridiculous things.  Of course, I stopped myself, What I really need to do is get about 8 dresses out of the shop and get it cleaned.  

I just can't explain how hard this is sometimes.

I am having porkchops, applesauce, baked potatoes, fresh tomato slices and green beans for dinner. SO that is thought out.

Deep breath Kim, you can do this.  What I really need is Sissie here and I can't have her.

1. saved all my spare change

2. saved all $5 bills. Total $980.00 so saved $90 this week makes up for last weeks $5.  Many people paid in 5's this week

3. saved a $1, $5, $10, $20 bill

4. downloaded receipts to fetch

5. used coupon at Joanns

6. ate all meals at home

7. used sip and save membership for diet coke everyday saving trip to McD's

8. hung many clothes on the line to not use dryer

9. cooked most meals stove top to not heat up house

10. Using peppers, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, squash, green beans from garden

11. took neighbor to food bank at end of day, came home with apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, two huge watermelons, (gave one away), potatoes, lettuce, green and red apples.  Way more fruit than we can eat.  They were forcing fruit on us.  I will have to peel and slice the apple for pies.  

12. made a huge fruit salad we will eat on for a few days

13. paid tithing up for the year so now I only have to save $1600.00 for taxes and the rest of the years savings is for cream (fun) and pay down the house loan. 

14. Always bought gas at least expensive place.

15. back on a no spend at the grocer challenge

I do have 4 food points I have to use next week or lose them, so I hope to find a good meat mark down and get several dollars off.  Also have a 70 cents off gad voucher that I will use for the truck fill up after we go camping next week.

So that is it, now I have to get to that ^%$#@* wedding dress that I did not finish yesterday.

Say a prayer for Kim's mood, she needs it badly.  Plus, Sissie and Slugs are having fun..... pouty face.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I understand your lack of focus! I am having trouble with focus right now too. Or maybe it is just desire. I am not sure I want to do anything!

    1. I want out of this two hole pie of an olive pit town and on a girls trip is what I want!

  2. I feel like I'm getting nothing done anywhere, but that can't be true. Throw your surplus fruit in freezer for smoothies or nice cream/ pops. Yummy

  3. You got this. I sure hope you can charge extra for those snafu's that aren't your fault.

    1. No not really as I give prices up front and that is what really aggravates me. But I make good money when things go right so I can't complain. Or I shouldn't complain.

  4. Life truly is amazing, how a person can put in huge amounts of effort to no avail, and then days later, everything breaks free and lots gets accomplished all at once. Happens to me a lot, now I try to remember this is just a slow point on the sine wave of life ;). Happy sewing, this too shall pass. Hilogene in Az

    1. Thanks Hilogene and you are right. I put a call out to Lil sis and she came over and got me on track and I accomplished a lot!

  5. I wonder if people tell you that the garment "only needs..." Those were always the hardest and most time consuming! Or, the person was totally wrong about the process I should use and did not want me to do it the right way. They were not trying to save money nor was I trying to make more from the job.

    Once, I made $1000.00 in one day. I decided it was time to pay someone to clean my house! Then, the next day, Christmas Day, I made an outfit to wear for Christmas evening party.
    I know you love to clean for your enjoyment, but is there nothing you can farm out?

    1. My sister came over yesterday and asked me the same thing. She said hire a housekeeper, but I am too cheap, and this place is too small and I don't know about how hubs would feel about it.

  6. Sounds like a good thrifty week despite the sewing frustrations. Lucky you on all that fruit. Nice “problem” (not) to have. 😊

    1. I know I need to concentrate on my blessings and not get myself so worked up! Thanks for reminding me!

  7. We all need to count our blessings. Life gets busy and frustrating and the days can speed by and then one day we are old and we look back and trust me, no one ever says, I should have spent more time working and cleaning! Maybe you can't hire a housekeeper, but maybe someone in the family, or a friend, could just help process all that fruit. Just washing it and preparing it to freeze takes time. Or maybe lay out your schedule differently and instead of say clean house, say sweep kitchen and wipe off counters and cupboards and then mop floor on a different day. Or vacuum LR. Not clean entire LR, DR and kitchen all in same day along with sew 5 wedding dresses. You are a super woman already and you are still beating yourself up. You are too hard on yourself. If you're trying to put the rest of us to shame, job done. Now I need to go vacuum the LR,DR and kitchen, plus clean the bathroom and the bedroom and sort out the cases of cat food and find a place to put it and rearrange the pantry and find something for super and thank goodness, I don't have 5 wedding dresses to sew (tongue in cheek) because I don't know that I'm going to get past doing the vacuuming today. Have a good day, what's left of it and I hope you get the troublesome wedding dress done and off your list. Ranee (MN)