Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Wednesday, Tired of sewing

 Kelsa on her motorized tricycle pushing her baby.  She has it all figured out. I remember having to pedal as a child.  How about you?

No kids today so no excuse but to get things done.  Dang.  They are such a good excuse.

I only have one prom dress left to finish and then one other dress before I attack the piles.  Of course, it is gorgeous out and I want to be outside so bad.  I will not allow myself out until I get my quota done.  Hmmmm....

What is the quota?

Don't really want to know.

Happy picture, Slug is in the full sun. Sluggy is okay just needed a break.  I called her and told her not to make 
me worry, because it is all about me.

Okay I have seriously messed up this post and have no time to fix it so please endure.:)

Too cute, Look at Kelsa's tongue. This picture made me laugh.  William's expressions. 

If you think Kelsa does not get into things she does. Here she is undecorating the Easter tablescape.  Yesterday she got ahold of my stamp roll and proceeded to stick at least 20 forever stamps around a pencil before I caught her.  Took me forever to carefully unwrap those things and get them back on the roll.

Easter Picture.  Auntie Jethelyn bought her this dress. I know I have a picture of Owl (Oliver )on Easter and now I can't find it.

Just too much cuteness around here.

Woke up early to get my nails and toes done.  With all the yard work I was pretty skanky. 

I am very tired of sewing, but I will persevere. Only because I have to, if you know what I mean.


1. put ruffle on a dress

2. finish last prom dress

3. jeans,shirt

4. hem jeans

5.hem three jeans

6. hem navy pants and blouse

7. hem 8 pairs of jeans

8.fix button on jeans

9. sack of mending

10. wedding dress start

On you mark get set...

 go get a soda.  I bet you thought I was going to say SEW!  You were WRONG! 

Okay, okay I will get to work.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. What cuties those kids are! Oh no, not the stamps! I hope you get through your list so you can get out in the sun!

  2. Your grandchildren are just adorable, and how pretty Kelsa was in her Easter dress. Perseverance, my friend, in the sewing room. Just look at that list of your accomplishments. Thanks for checking on Sluggy for everyone. I hope she, and you, know how many friends ya'll have.

  3. Glad that Sluggy is okay. Breaks are very important ;). I am taking a week off. Our old house is sold and the close is next week. New condo is closing after that, so the dog and I are homeless (doing an estate sale and they want us gone). I took Lucy my dog to a dog spa/boarding place and I decided to go to a spa too. I highly recommend it! Anyway, my life returns to normal Saturday. I will go back to the empty house and retrieve my four boxes from my neighbors and set up the air mattress, dog bowls and coffee pot. Will camp out for five nights. Quite a comedown after the spa ;). Anyway, did some grief counseling and mental well-being counseling here at the spa, was very useful and educational, so that is a plus. Happy sewing, Hilogene in Az

    1. Sounds like a mini vaca for you both!!!! Spa time sounds pretty nice after my day today! Enjoy your 'camping' at the house! Take care.

    2. So glad your house sold Hilogene! A condo sounds perfect for you! Cindy in the South

    3. What a life, for the dog that is, you are grieving.

  4. Those kids are just too darn cute. The expressions!
    You got this!!!!!

  5. Kelsa is so cute. I want a hat like hers. Do you think I would be as cute as her if I had a pink hat like that? I want a loose one, too. I hate those tight hats.
    When I need a break, I just don't come
    I went to the podiatrist today and she cut my nails and put some nice lotion on my feet. It was good. Never had a pedicure. Maybe if I take nail polish...
    Kelsa obviously had too much free time on her hands.
    When my father got my son a Jeep with a battery, I was a little horrified at what the world had come to when a child of three did not have to walk and run.

    1. I had my nails and toes done yesterday so I am set for a month!

  6. Looks like you accomplished a lot. The grandkids are so cute! So glad Sluggy is ok!!! Cindy in the South

  7. William's expression cracked me up. Love it!

  8. I want to get together with those three ladies in the photo!

    1. I know we need to plan a trip. Say October, in Florida somewhere....somewhere close to donuts and a Mc Donalds

  9. Beautiful and cute grandkids. May the power be with you for all those sewing projects. I want to learn to sew so, let me know if you need an apprentice.

  10. Awesome overload!
    Friends mean everything, don’t they? Glad Sluggy’s okay.
    For some reason, i can only comment once in awhile. I never remember what i did to get it to go through. This is everywhere. Then i decide my dithering isn’t very important anyway.