Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, blessed with work.

     I was able to make a huge deposit yesterday and pay the house payment and a couple of bills.  I have yet to see who still owes tuition, but if they have not paid they have a late charge and I have a feeling it is quite a few.  Too busy in the shop to stop and figure it out but will try to do it tonight. 

    I was trying to decide which debt to pay off next and I want to be able to pay one of the smaller debts by Christmas.  One is the studio Credit card which stands at $4,700.00.  This is costumes that need to be replaced, advertising, and road work, parking improvement leveled by the city.  I also owe about $5000.00 to our personal card I just paid off last June.  $3000.00 of that will be paid when I am reimbursed for medical and plane tickets.  But the rest is sewer , bathroom supplies and left over bills.  So in looking at my budget I can pay one off by Christmas.  Well the studio account is at 0% until January 1st. the other card is 6.5% so it is a no brainer.  The 0% goes to 12.99 and I don't like that rate.  I will try to make a $2500.00 payment to the business card this month and next.  Then I will attack the personal.

     If I could keep these cards at a 0 balance I would just use the personal card, but it is so hard with disasters right and left.  Still have my $1000.00 emergency fund and I will plug along and keep trying to get out of debt.  I feel like things are going well, but I am just so behind in my goals.  Then I took a good look at my banking yesterday and decided to change my mind.  Here is why.

     I paid a $1400.00 house payment, $500.00 was cash I had saved.
     I put $500.00 in studio savings
     I put a $270.00 check in college savings account.
     I paid the truck payment of $500.00 (studio collateral )
     I paid the the sewer loan $250.00
     I will still have $2500.00 to put toward debt
     I have $160.00 in cash for gas and groceries this next week.
     I am not saving for any trip right now so I can put all extra money toward debt.

     I am doing just fine.

     Out My Window:  We have a hen that is nesting.  Every time I went out to gather eggs a hen wold be on the box.  You don't want to disturb them so I just waited.  One day, two days, then the young man that cared for the house said that he could not get her off either.  So we finally forced her out and had 18 eggs.  Three were cracked, but I felt sorry for her.  We have no rooster as it is against city ordinance, but I banded her and we will use her next spring as a brooder for new chicks.  So I now have 2.5 dozen huge eggs, I will be baking this weekend.

How are you doing on your financial goals?  Have you had any set backs?  Are you able to put them behind you and muster on?  How do you convince yourself to do that?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. 2.5 dozen of fresh eggs... I should see if you'd be willing to ship me a few! They've become my breakfast (for when I haul myself out of bed early enough to make any). My financial goals are on track. I keep remodifying my budget, so that most set backs are washed away with new modifications and attempts to fix it. I've indeed had quite a bit of setbacks, but one has to do what one has to do... and what this one has to do is keep moving forward! How do I convince myself? Not sure, really. I just set a goal and darned if I don't meet it, or give it my best to get as close to it.

  2. I have a constant struggle here keeping expenses down and under control. Even when you are out of debt, it's a never ending struggle.
    Sept was a financial disaster for us with 2 large bills...1 expected and 1 not expected. We would have been good if not for the unexpected one. So my Savings Challenge for 2012 experienced a momentary set-back, but overall, we'll get to that goal. But this year?....I'm finding it markedly harder to reach goals. I'm really not doing much differently from past years and our income hasn't changed much.....I blame inflation.

  3. You're doing great, Kim! No goals right now really... just slowly working at our EF, and we need to set a budget goal for our summer vacay next year! :)

  4. You know I know the struggle of two steps forward, one back. But look at all you have accomplished!!

    So, I have a chicken question....if you have no will you have new chicks for your overly fertile girl to be a brooder?