Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, off to the race called life....

        I have many lose ends to tie up on costumes and performances for the studio.  I also need to sit down today and figure out who owes what and balance both personal and studio checking.  Then I will pay the rest of the months bills except for the two that are due at the end of the month.  I also need to clean up the desk and catch up on laundry, do a quick run through of the house all while running the sewing shop, teaching dance and cleaning the bank.  It is going to be a long day maybe I will just go back to bed?

     Why is it so hard for me to pay attention to my bank balances?  Why do I let my desk become the rat trap from hell before I do anything about it?  I would so love to be one of those organized people who file things immediately and make their bed the minute they get up.  Iron the clothes the minute they are out of the dryer, but alas I am 54 and still have not developed these skills.  Just no discipline, blah!

     Hubby and I are driving up to Daughter #2's for her B-day on Friday.  She will be 25.  We will take her out to dinner and she wants some kitchen gadgets.  We are also going to try out her dentist.  Our old dentist here says we each need a crown on an old existing filling.  Even though neither of us is experiencing any symptoms.  I have lost faith and think because Hubby and I have good teeth they need to find something expensive.  Now I may be wrong but I just have lost confidence.  So we will go to daughters.  She can tell us if we really need these things and we will get a 20 % discount.  A filling which is what I want would be about $40.00 a crown our portion would be $400.00.  So two Crowns $800.00  We don't have that much left in our medical savings.  Also Baby elephant needs her wisdom teeth removed.  So I see upcoming dentist bills.  At daughters office we will could potential save $200.00 well worth the trip. But I hate puting out hard earned money for dentists who I believe over charge.

     Well I am going to look at the numbers so I can update my totals, still feel like I am making no progress but I am......

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It's not about discipline. You are creative you can't be everything. Do a Myers Briggs test online and find out who you are. Its amazing

  2. We switched dentists a couple of years ago after we felt we were paying for things/teatments we didn't need. We got a recommendation from a friend, and are much happier now, financially and ootherwise. We cannot believe how much we were overpaying in the past, and for things we did not need. I guess patients were paying for the high-end office, new cars (everyone who worked there drove an EXPENSIVE, new car), trips to Europe, India, etc. Our new dentist is much more thorough than the old one ever was.

    Hope it works out for you! Oh, and the older I get, the less organized I get.

  3. I do hate it when I get a feeling doctors are just running and re-running tests you suspect you don't need (and they ultimately don't get anywhere). I know they have to do their due diligence, but sometimes I am not sure and they won't really explain; just send you out for more tests.

  4. Funny our dentists new partner found that she needed 3 teeth filled. When I asked to see our regular dentist who was their suddenly there were no cavities. As I told him I would either just see him or change dentists. I didnt have to pay the cop pay.

    I think some are just out to make extra money. Good luck and hope there is nothing wrong :)