Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday, Happy Birthday Fall Beauty!

 We have Pumpkins everywhere!  I have stated to clean out garden and flower boxes, I am hoping to take these geraniums in for the winter.    

More pumpkins, and look at what
 the wind storm did to the porch!

Chickens roaming garden.    
Look  at those colors, this was taken early in the morning it was foggy and the sun was just coming out!  
The pond is so beautiful, but boy will I have to clean out leaves!   
  I love fall colors, I love fall and today is my middle daughters 25th birthday!  I cannot beleive she is that old. Wow that means I am old!  She will come down tomorrow and I will make her a pumpkin pie.

     In the mean time I will be busy sewing and earning money so I can pay bills and debts and just keep on trying to do what is best.  But I feel like all I do is spend money.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Beautiful colors! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Happy b-day to her! And I have to admit I love these pictures, pumpkins look great! What are you going to do with them? Decorating? Cooking? :)

  3. Lovely pumpkins and happy birthday to your daughter! Hope you guys have a wonderful time tomorrow.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter. And your pumpkins look lovely!!!! We actually only had three grow due to the rain and the damn squirells.

  5. you're lucky to have all those pumpkins. Happy birthday to your daughter.


  6. those photos are just wonderful! Love the one of the garden!

  7. Beautiful colors and garden! I can't wait to have a yard someday!

  8. Thanks for the photos! They are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE pumpkins!