Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, starting to see the light and it is not pretty..

Studio: $18.09
Personal: $200.91 

  Okay, the reason I am posting so late today is that I could not make myself go balance the checking account.  Yes I was in avoidance mood.(mode)  I mean anything was a better way to spend my time that at my desk figuring out the balance after Hubby's pay last night.  See now bad I am?  I mean I did laundry, alphabetized the spices, had my nails done,  you know necessary  things, that would naturally keep you from an important have too task.

     What did I figure out you ask?  That I am $200.00 short of the tithing check!  Also next Thursday is the 1st of November for those of you who have been sleeping.  I will need $500.00 saved for my house payment and $243.00 for insurance premiums that will go out by the 5th.  So if I had not balanced  I would have just written the tithing check, the money for the insurance would have come out on the 5th and by the time I paid the house payment I would have been close to $900.00 into the overdraft account.  Which is why I cannot get ahead! So now that I know, what am I going to do?

     Well, I have $3.00 in my wallet and I will have hopefully about $100.00 in the shop by this evening, but I need milk, dog food, cat food, laundry soap, gas for the car.  Misc. groceries.  So that will be spent.  The fact of matter is I will not be putting any money back into my emergency fund until about mid November if then.  I have to live on my new realistic budget.

    I know, I will get there but Kim paying off debt in her head is so much faster and amazing.  Where did I put my cape?  I know if I were wearing a cape this would be easier.

     I also really sprained my ankle last night in my first hour of teaching.  Right when I rolled it I knew it wasn't going to be good.  By 7:30 it was throbbing and my shoe was very tight.  When I got home  it had already started to turn purple.  It is the top of my foot into the ankle.  Not so much the ankle as the tarsus bones above my smaller toes.  Boy does it hurt!  It was hard to sleep last night.  I am limping, but as least I don't have to teach for the next three days.  I do have a big performance tomorrow but I can limp on stage and introduce the kids.

      My prayers go out for all of you in the eye of the storm system on the coast.  Good luck, hunker down, I am so sorry to see you go through this again.

   Out My Window: Rainy, cold was going to work in the yard but foot is too sore:)

I have a ton of sewing to do and as I am officially $950.00 in the hole right now I had better get busy.
&^%$# budget.  &^%$# facing reality..... going to look for my cape.....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. at least you did it and want to say how proud of you we are.....

    Hope your ankle gets better soon.


  2. Relax! Try to have a good weekend, and get back to paying bills on Monday. They are surely not going anywhere! Have a relaxing time, and feel better. Twisted ankles are NOT fun.

  3. Kim,
    So sorry about your ankle! How frustrating!!

    Hey, using just cash works and you won't go over! I've been doing it all week and it's working like magic. Not easy, but I'm not overspending!

    I'll be hunkering down this weekend waiting for Frankenstorm. Too late for a generator, but I'm hoping it will only skim our area and the power will stay on. Fingers crossed!

    Have a relaxing weekend Kim. Stay off your foot!

  4. ((Kim)) Just have to take things one at a time! You'll get there & God will provide and show you the way. Keep the faith! :)

  5. hope your ankle gets better soon, and if you find that cape can I borrow it sometime?

  6. Want me to lend you my last time I take pain killers and clean out the garage.

    Calm down. You are doing fine, but you are making yourself sick worrying about this. I cant find my cape either so I will just have to accept life without it :)

  7. So sorry about your ankle. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

    Not sure if you're tithing check is something you regularly donate to a church and/or if this is too personal of a topic (apologies in advance) but would it be possible to delay that check for a few weeks until you're able to catch up on your finances? Perhaps increase your volunteer time if possible so you're still contributing?

    Anyway, wishing you best of luck & for a productive sewing weekend.

  8. Hope your ankles heals quickly. I think paying off debt is easier in our head than in reality. For me writing it all out really helps. I have also gone back to cash only spending and that has made a big difference for me.

  9. Hi - it's me :) Have you ever calculated the minimum amount you need to have on hand each month? And by that I mean you take the cost of your yearly insurance plus any other annual/bi-annual etc and divide it by 12 etc? That way when the insurance is due the $$ is already there? Until I started doing that I would always be playing catch up after a big bill would come due. True, it means having a bunch of different savings accounts but i am less tempted to use that money if it's sitting in a different account. Maybe you already do this, I don't know.