Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, Getting ready to go

     I have my bags packed and am waiting on laundry to finish packing.  Will spend a few hours in the shop finishing things but I have made my goals and I am happy with those.  I did spend about $88.00 at the grocery store on dog,cat and chicken food and a few incidentals. I have $500.00 put in an envelope for travel.   I also have $150.00 in the house envelope, but I have several pick ups today and hopefully that will top $250.00 before tomorrow.

     I had a comment about taxes.  Yes, I do have an accountant and I do keep track of all the money that comes into the shop.  I do pay taxes on this income.  I am a firm believer in clean water, police, fire, roads all the things that taxes pay for.  Realize that the sewing shop is a part time job and I am able to deduct 1/4 of all my housing expenses and taxes, because the shop takes up 1/4 of our square footage.  It is a great tax break.  I also account for every penny that comes into the studio. Many people have asked me to take cash at the studio and I won't because cash cannot be traced, checks can.  I receive the majority of my income in the shop in the form of checks.  I am not running a business where I hide my assets.  I am a terrible liar.  If questioned I would immediately melt down tell my life story and incriminate myself.  So honesty is the best policy.

     I am getting very excited to go.  I will see my Sissie in 2 days! Yippee!

    Daughter #2 was home for the weekend and she wanted me to go down and change the studio windows into Halloween  decor.  I did not want to, but she coerced me.  I am so glad.  They are so cute and clever.  She will be 25 in 18 days and boy has she grown up.  I mean I could not have gotten her to help with those windows 2 years ago when we were running the studio together.  She was a great teacher, choreographer, director, but anything that required physical shlogg work, she would not do.  She would tell me she was going to help and then not show up, or show up dressed to the nines and refuse to get dirty or lift anything for fear she would mess up her do.  Or my favorite, "I can only stay an hour".  It takes a good 6 hours total time to switch out the windows.  Hubby and the two of us spent 2hours Saturday night.  It was fun and it took a total of 6 hours.  Her father thinks she really misses the creative part of the studio. I am sure she does and I love her help!

     Well I have lists to make and cross off and some sewing to finish up so I had better get busy!

Out My Window:  Did a bunch of weeding this weekend. Piles of crap to pick up in the back, but at least it will be easier to get to when I get home.  Hubby also cleaned out the chicken coop.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. wish you were swinging past philly!


  2. Oh, holy cow, I didn't mean to imply that you weren't paying taxes! I,too, am self-employed, and when I get those nice checks coming in for a split second I think "I'm in the money now!" but then sit down and take out 20% for taxes/FICA, 10% for my retirement, 10% for savings, then subtract my expenses, and it's amazing how fast it dwindles down to me saying, "All that money and I've got about 20 bucks left over after all the slots are filled!" So that's why the comment gross or net. It's 870 gross, but roughly 700 net.

  3. You know Gettysburg is only about 100 miles from me...I could swing buy and pick up sluggy and we could meet...but I guess you want time with your hubby :)