Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday, bulk cooking!

     I need to clean out my freezer.  I have food and fruit in there from a year ago.   I think I need to bake some banana bread and a few pies and some cookies.  We also had a hamburger sale so I am going to do up a big batch of spaghetti sauce, some Swedish meat balls and and some meatloaves.  I was forced to turn the heat on yesterday, so this will keep the kitchen warm.
     Daughter #3 is down working and we are going out this evening to find token gifts for her Sorority. I have Joanns coupons and a gift certificate.

So my day is planned, I wonder how much I will get done?  Hee Hee!

     By the way I just love the blog" House Full of Searls"  She has so many great tips on saving money.
I wish I could be as savvy as she is.  But alas I am stuck with me.

Have a great and fun Saturday!


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