Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday, taking stock

    Studio Checking: $82.09
    Personal: -74.12

 Still in shock here, but getting better. Thanks for talking me of the ledge.  My sister told me to remember several years ago when I would write down the bills and not be able to pay all of them and then would still have to buy gas and groceries.  It was years and years of this before I actually decided I would work for a living instead of giving my time away. Just getting to a point where I could pay my bills on time and still have some left over was a miracle.

     I have paid out many many $100 and $200  expenses this month that I will not have next month.  This led to at least $1000.00 of my difference in what I thought I would have.  But I really need to go back to the days when I had no money, as I would take better care not to be so generous and frivolous.

     Last night on the way home from cleaning Hubby wants to stop for plastic lunch sacks.  He had forgotten that we needed them.  He packs a lunch it is his responsibility to remember.  He did not put them in the cart Monday night.  So now he wants to stop.  I said you have to have the cash and I am not going into the store.  You should have done this yourself earlier.  I refuse to gas his car and buy his lunch things unless it is at my convenience and I am at the store.  No special trips because he refuses to take care of himself.  (or me for that matter).  So he checks his wallet and he still has the $70.00 I gave him when he was in Gettysburg.  Giving that man money is like giving it to a vault.  I did not go into the store as I was afraid I would see something I need. 

     I also left hubby a note that one of the bedroom windows was open and I could not get it shut.  I had turned on the heat.  It also rained very hard yesterday for the first time all summer.  We have a drain pipe next to the house that has been disconnected.  This happens when someone trips over it or hits is with a mower. (I wonder who?) If I disconnect it I stop and hook it back up, but whoever had done it in early JUNE  had stepped and crushed the end so it could not be hooked back up.  I have been nagging to have this fixed now for 4 months, but we have had no rain so it is not a crisis just an eyesore and an aggravation.  I went out yesterday and saw a big pool of water next to the house this will eventually lead to flooding.  So I left a another nasty note next to the home made stew in a crockpot( thanks Judy), about how I never asked hubby to do anything I could not do myself.  If I could physically do it I would, but I can't.  It is finally fixed.:)

     I did get some major sewing done yesterday and have 2 dress fittings this morning, so I had better get busy.  Like maybe I should get dressed!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Sounds like you are pulling things together nicely! Stay focused - you can do this.

  2. Don't forget to leave hubby a nice note for fixing it! Seems like he's been getting the rougher end these days as well, even if it's his responsibility. A genuine thank you goes a long way. Also, hopefully next month will be a lot smoother, without all of those extra bills you have coming in this month that left havoc in their wake. Good luck!

  3. Keep in mind all those 100s and 200s you paid this month...I bet the personal account will go back to positive within days:)

  4. I went back and read Tuesday's post. You sound a lot like me. I went through a period where we struggled to pay bills on time and we almost lost our house. I turned things around about 4 years ago. I am still digging ourselves out of debt but all our bills are paid on time and our debt is decreasing.
    I had to take one day at a time and stay focused. Don't let it get you down.