Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, Happy Holloween still have the crud.

     Dull headache, very sore throat, ears hurt.  Fever of 101.9 last night.  Still plugging along.  Our car is in the shop.  Hope it is not expensive.  I must get Halloween candy today and at least try to get the dresses for the Ball benefit done.  I really have done so little except curl up in a ball.  There is Trick or Treat at the studio, I also need candy for the house.  So I am going to drag my but out after I clean up and then try to get some sewing done.  Housekeeper comes today.  I hope I don't run a fever tonight.  I also just found out that the specialist wants to see me in Spokane on Friday morning.  I will drive up to daughters house on Thursday and she will take me in on Friday.  Another unplanned expense.  Hope they do not change my medication.
     Well as crappy as I feel it is hard to really do anything about the finances,  they will not go away I will just hang in until I feel better.   I was going to come up with this great plan of attack all involving me working hard, but I really think I will go back to bed for a while.......splat!



  1. Keep getting that rest in. Hope you feel better soon. Get that Vick's out and take a nap!

  2. Awww... ((Kim)) You can't take the day off? Feel better soon!

  3. Good Lord woman! Forget candy for the house! The kids can go elsewhere for one year. It won't kill them.

    You are sick.
    Stop pushing yourself so hard....time to let go of some of this stuff and deal with the priorities only.

    You are not allowed to keep doing waaaay too much and whining about it.
    Prioritize and do what has to be done only so you can get out from being overwhelmed and get better!

    Don't make me come over there and sit on ya! ;-)

  4. Rest! Hope you feel better each day!

  5. I'm with slugmama - turn off the porch light and ignore the kids' begging!! You're sick! And candy is expensive!

    Go to bed!!

    Hugs :)


  6. I agree with the others, rest is the best medicine for you at the moment.