Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, so the grand total is....

     I was up late last night trying to get airline tickets for my mother and little brother.  This is my contribution to the family drama.  I could not remember how to spell my little brothers name.  We always called my Beastie.  It was a loving nickname.  I mean I knew his name but really we never called him by it and I need the one on his drivers license.  So called mom she can't remember, (dementia).  Then call Beastie and he actually has to look it up.  Can you tell the apple does not fall far from the tree?  So I continue to order the tickets and they are climbing in price every 3 minutes. Finally get to the end and I need Beasties date of birth and year.  I know he was born in July as it was the day of the Moon landing.  But the year? Was it the 21,20.  I remember parties with the Moon landing theme.  So I text and called and everyone had gone to bed. Now I must wait until morning and I lose my one week in advance window.  Well I got up this morning and the tickets had gone down!  So my bill for this fiasco is $970.00.  Beast and mom will fly to Georgia to attend court and try and bring the boys home.  I am sure they will not be able to get them immediately, but I have a younger sister that will join them by car and she may get the boys temporarily.  Someone will get them and then we will see.  They cannot nor will they ever be able to live with their mother again   It is so sad.

     Right now I have to figure out a way to pay for this, and I will.  Why I never get ahead.  I can take this out of the emergency fund, but I have until November come up with the money.  I think I have about $300.00 saved so I will need to gather the rest.  There goes the new suit I wanted for church!

     Family aren't you glad you have them?

     I was able to sit down and figure out who owes back tuition at studio so late notices will go out today!
Always the same people.  But over $1000.00 worth of tuition.  I will also pay all the bills today, at least get them written out so I can mail them.  I think Hubbies next check is the 26th.  I just can't beleive it is the 18th!  See what happens when you go on a trip.  Throws the whole time table off.

     I have been doing really well at not wasting money eating fast food, but what does it matter I just spent $970.00 that I was not planning on spending.  So I will be cutting back in that department for a long time!

Out My Window: Beautiful Fall colors, I am going to take a picture soon. I tried to plant the back yard in such a way that it would color up and I think I did a good job.

Well I am off to the races to earn some money so my indigent relatives can take it from me. (actually)  I am doing this for my nephews, they are young and cannot do for them selves.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You are doing this for your nephew and there is no shame in that in fact I love you even more for it. Like you said they are not to blame and they are probably so upset and confused as it is. I know in my heart and am also saying a prayer that the money will find its way to you. I think it will.

    As for the tuition that is insane. I always try to make sure my kids sports and school tuitions were paid on time because someone else needed that money!

  2. Family, aren't I glad I have them... I guess if I enjoy the challenge! A lot of my past checks felt just like you described; making money so they can take it. Though I am sure the kids are too busy, confused and upset to appreciate it, hopefully in the future they will be able to properly thank you for what you're doing.