Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, Back to Busy mode

     Just too much to do, I don't even want to make a list as I know it will scare me and I am the Queen of lists.  The shop was crazy busy yesterday.  I am trying to catch up but that may not be possible.  I did get all of my parents contacted for costume switching and I have my Jr. Company outfitted but still have three small girls in Company with no dresses.  Ugh!  I also started to list out my books which I have let slide from September.  I need to get them updated in the computer.  So I am trying to work on that every day a little.  Just a lot to do, but one day at a time and keep moving, it will get done.

     Last night when I got home from cleaning the bank, I remembered I had 8 pairs of golf shorts that needed to be hemmed so I stayed up late to get those done.  I have a great pile of things in the shop to finish today.  The pressure is on and will stay on until the Nutcracker is over.  I am trying to not let it overwhelm me.  I need to call and see how mom is doing this morning.  I really have not had a good talk with her for several days.

     Hubs is car pooling this week so we won't have a big gas bill and that is nice.  Gas is going down here very slowly, so aggravating as it is below $3 a gallon all around us and we creep at about $3.35.  I find that gas is our biggest expense next to our house payment.  When it drops it makes a big difference in the bottom line.  How much is gas in you part of the country?


     I have such clear memories of this school but so few of sis, I assume they were trying to separate us.  Twins especially identical twins form very close bonds.  When we were born the doctor told my mother she would know if she did a good job raising us if we looked and acted nothing alike when we were older.  I learned to adjust to the schedule at school.  I learned the rules but I did not like them.  For instance you cannot use the entire stack of scrap paper to write a big K on so no one else had a chance to use the paper, that is wasteful.  You will eat your spinach and it tastes much better hot than cold.  You cannot slide down the slide backwards or you will sit in your locker during recess.  You cannot play with your fingers high above your head during nap time but must keep them next to your sides so as not to disturb other children.

     There was one little girl at this school that sticks out in my mind.  Her name was Suzie.  She was very small and as sis and I were small for our age this made her unusual.   She hardly had any hair.  I remember that she wanted this pony tail in the back of her head and she had a rubber band to hold three little frog hairs together.  It was constantly falling out and she would cry until one of us would put it back in.  I thought she looked stupid.  Suzy seemed to be in trouble a lot.  I do not know why, but she cried all the time, or maybe I should say whined.  She has to stick in my mind for some reason.  So if she irritated me she had to have irritated the higher ups.  I know that she wet the bed.  This must have been a grievous sin.

      We had bathrooms and I hated them as they had two toilets just out in the open no privacy.  You had to stand in line and just go to the bathroom in front of everybody before nap time, recess, whatever.  I don't know where I got my sense of modesty but I hated those bathrooms.  I wanted stalls around those toilets. I remember one particular late afternoon, we were getting ready to go home and we were downstairs where our lockers were.  Parents were coming to pick us up.  I could hear Suzy crying, as usual.  She was getting in trouble for wetting the bed. There was an anti room next to the bathroom that connected to our locker room.  This room could be closed off with sliding accordion doors.  The doors were not closed tightly and I went up to peek through, other kids did the same thing.  I was small so was on the bottom of the stack of peekers and the last to be moved away from the opening.  I saw Suzy getting a very hard spanking from the red headed matron.  What startled me the most is that Suzy was stark naked.  I was horrified.  But we were shooed away from the door, I tried to creep back and was grabbed by the arm, like we were not supposed to see this, but we could certainly hear it.

     Our little sister was being moved into our room.  The baby must have been coming because the crib was put up in mom and dad's bedroom.  I remember mom bringing home my little brother.  I was fascinated by his nether region.  I asked what is that thing was and my Aunt who was called on to take care of us said that was his little peanut, so my remark was that dad must have a pickle.  I did not see what was so funny about that. Mom tells about bro being born and there was a terrible snow storm.  Dad was out on a bender and mom was beside herself.  She needed help and now.  She called her mother crying and her mom put her younger sister on the train immediately.   My aunt came into a wrecked apartment and lil sis was standing in her crib with a diaper that was loaded to the ground.  She lifted her arms to my Aunt like save me!  Auntie did not think those pants had been changed since mom went to the hospital. Mom now had 4 children and sis and I were just a month short of 4 years old.

     Dad was so handsome.  He bowled several nights a week and was very good at it.  If he not had a weakness for drink he probably could have gone some place with his skill.  He had slicked back black Elvis Presley hair that he would comb into a duck tail.  He was constantly combing back his hair. I loved when he came home and got cleaned up.  The bathroom would be steamy and smell like aftershave and Brill Cream.  "A little dab will do ya"  he used to say, I think that was their slogan.  He wore tight black dress pants and black polished beetle boots.  He was gorgeous and fun.  He would always play for a short time.  He made us feel happy and special.  Sis and I were very jealous of each other and extremely jealous of little sis.  Dad went out of his way to make sure that lil sis was not neglected.  In fact I am sure she was his favorite.  She needed to be someones favorite because sis and I had each other.


     Well the shop has already had several customers here and I had a ton to do today, so I am off to the races.

     Out My Window:  Turning very cold here.  Like in the 20's at night.  Time to start dressing for winter.

Have a great a productive day.




  1. Our gas here in charleston, s.c. is $2.97. But I agree that if not for gas we would be ok financially. I have to travel about 90 miles a day and it's killing us so I feel your pain!!!

  2. Sit down! Are you sitting? Our gas is $1.21 per litre...there are 3.78 litres to a gallon; therefore I pay $4.57 per gallon. Now stand up and do a happy dance that you aren't paying Canadian prices for your gas!! And that explains why i was riding my bike to and from school til it dipped below 0c outside!