Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday, Cold, cranky, put out....

     The shop was crazy busy yesterday.  I should be happy, but I am in the January blues.  It is cold , it is overcast, it is long, I want to complain.  Blah!

     Okay I need to get over this attitude.  I have a great many things to do so no reason to sit here and feel sorry for myself.  I will make a list.  Lists sometimes make me feel better.  Especially if I actually do the things on the list.  Let's make an easy list.

1. brush teeth (yes it is 10 a.m. the shop is opening and I have not brushed my teeth)
2. comb hair
3. makeup?
4. clean bedroom (it is a sty)
5.put away laundry
6. DO LAUNDRY (I think there are about 4 loads)
7. make some bread
8. Sew?  What a novel idea....
9. sleep, go back to bed, wallow, eat chocolate.  Do I have any chocolate?
10. go look for chocolate.



  1. 11. Take a moment to honor your feelings......

    It is ok to do that....

    1. Thanks Mysti, I was just so excited and happy and scared, but I am doing better.

  2. You might want to do #10 BEFORE

    Teeth brushing is highly overrated...... ;-)

  3. I think 10 has to come first. Ok, or second. I myself can't help a piece of chocolate before brushing my teeth on the weekend. Feel better! Enjoy chocolate!

  4. this time of year is hard for a lot of folk due to the lack of sun........hang in there.

  5. I suggest you just do number 1, 9 and 10. And then repeat as needed

  6. I would probably just stick to 9 and 10 if I were in your mood :)