Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday, Lazy day:)

     I have nothing really planned for today.  I will go get my nails done, and I have a really messy kitchen to clean.  I baked bread yesterday and did not clean up.  I just left everything to soak.  I can do about three loads of laundry if I want to and I should get more sewing done, if I want to.

     We need to replace the light fixture in the garage as it is broken, so I believe we will be making a run to Wal-Mart for that.  While I am over by Clarkston, I will get a couple of zippers from Jo-Anns.  Also need to check Wal-Mart for zippers.

     Two weeks ago I bought a large ham and it has been in the fridge, so tomorrow I will bake that up with sweet potatoes and veggies and we will be eating on it for the rest of the week.  Ham, ham and eggs, and potatoes, Ham and cheese sandwiches, scalloped potatoes and ham, bean soup and ham.  One ham can make about 10 meals for us and we love it.

     I have to start the taxes this week, yuck!!!!!!! so that means I also have to get the shop caught up.  I was blessed with work this last week, therefore I had better appreciate it.  So all in all I have plenty to do today, but it is nice to know even if I don't do a darn thing the world will not fall apart.  Well that is not true, Hubs went into the messy kitchen this morning and broke a glass because the counters were so full and I have very little counter space.  Maybe he will clean the kitchen?  Now I am laughing.....

     Out My Window: over cast but we did see some sun yesterday afternoon for a while, I was just down in the shop.

Have a great Saturday, I would say productive but hey why does every day have to be productive?



  1. Enjoy your time for yourself! It's nice to have Saturdays when you have nothing important to do :)

  2. Enjoy your lazy Saturday! Today is kind of like that around here too, but mainly because of the weather outside. Just laying around not really doing much...although I also have a messy kitchen to clean and kids to feed yet again. Didn't I just feed them? LOL

  3. We all need days like this... i've been working away at laundry, baked some buns, and working on a good novel! :) Have a great day, Kim!!

  4. "but it is nice to know even if I don't do a darn thing the world will not fall apart."

    loved that.......says it all! Enjoy your weekend,

  5. My kitchen has to be disastrous for my husband to clean it. Or I need to be in a really bad mood. Lol! Hope you enjoyed your day.

  6. I hope you had a great weekend :) After a day or two like that there is more energy for the next week :)