Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday, going back?

     It is so nice to have a blog when you run a business like mine, that is somewhat seasonal.  My shop has been really slow and it is scaring me.  Yesterday and today it has picked up a little.  So I went back and read last years Jan. and Feb. and realized that they were a little slow also, but by the end of February all hell will break loose.  So I have decided not to worry about the flow of traffic and take it one day at a time.  Things may get really tight but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

     In fact right now I have plenty to keep me busy and my plan after this post is to get my chubby little butt in there and get to work.

     Making a batch of meatballs today to freeze, just because I have the ingredients and they are popular with everyone.  Changed the sheets on the beds so I need to get a few loads of laundry done also. 

     I took in an additional $700.00 last night in tuition so I can pay the huge heat bill and few other small bills.  Just working at trying to have enough left at the end of the month for a large CC payment.  If I can do this I will feel pretty on top of the world.

     I had a talk with my Sissie, (she is wise) and she said I would always have studio debt of some kind, and to concentrate one thing and stop spraying all over. She had a way of calming me when I am close to the edge.

     Out My Window:  Sunny, warm for winter. Too warm but I will love the heat bills next month much better than this month I think!  There is always something to be thankful for if you really look at it.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Yes Sissie is wise! Pay off one thing at a time then add the money you save from that thing to throw at the next - the snowball effect. It works. Enjoy the respite while you can and get other things done - the shop will be hopping soon enough.

  2. You've earned a little break - enjoy it :-)

  3. I'm with Jane - take advantage of the slow time while you can!