Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday, waiting for my bath to run...

     So while waiting for my bath to run, I thought I would write a quick run down of yesterday.  D#2 and I cleaned and a girl friend stopped by to help with costumes and cleaned and we were able to get most things done.  There is a little left to do, but I can get those things done in a few minutes.

    Our music is almost done and the program is somewhat put together, so we will need to tape the floor and off we go.  Mom called and they were just leaving town.  I would like to get the deck put together but it is raining.  So I will wait for a break if we get one!

     I am going to take a bath and get cleaned up.  Sluggy is not the only one who needs to meet her public!

Have a great and productive day, I know I will.



  1. Enjoy your jealous of you!

  2. I truly hope your show goes off without a hitch and that you have a wonderful visit with your mom. At least you will face the world CLEAN!