Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday, let's complicate things....

     So I finished all but one costume, I am caught up enough in the shop to get through the weekend.   Finished polishing three big routines last night.  Mom calls and she and two of my girlfriends from the old neighborhood are coming in tomorrow for the show.  Great, love to have you, but my house is a wreck.  The carpet (we have only 2 rooms with carpet) smells bad.  The sheets are dirty.  I have not set out ant traps and it is ant season.  The deck furniture is not out I have a show to put on in less than 24 hours.

      I called the carpet cleaners this morning and they were here by 8:30.  Pianist called and confirmed, finally.  I was worried that I would have to play.  Not that I can't, but I hate playing when I am directing.  Lead piper called and is sending over all info for program.  Fire department will come to move floor tonight. I have one more class to teach and polish. Program to put together.  Music is cut for large numbers and we need to put master CD together.  I was expecting all of this, I was not expecting to have to deep clean the house.

     So glad I started  earlier this week to clean the spare room and bath.  Daughter #2 is home with a flu bug.  She is feeling better so she will help me tackle the worst part.  Forgot to tell you that my shoulder froze (the right one) about 4:30 this morning.  So my right arm is pretty much useless.  I hope I can work out some of the stiffness.

     Okay I am going to quit complaining now.  It is almost show time and I am going to be positive.  Positive energy flowing, cleaning the house, changing the sheets, massaging my arm, say a prayer for me...



  1. Ugh, sucks that your plans are a bit shot. I hope it all works out! Sounds like you will have a lot of tight turns. Best wishes!

  2. Stay positive, stay positive!! Everything will go great, I know it!

  3. Maybe your mom and her friends can pitch in to help? Cleaning, cooking?? Good thing D#2 is feeling better - get her scrubbing! Just concentrate on the show Kim - the show must go on! I'm a little (lot) worried about your shoulder though - has this happened before? How did you un-freeze it??

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