Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday, sun is still shining!

     Yes two days in a row, I can hardly believe it, the sun is still shining.  Hub's actually pruned all the fruit trees last weekend, and last night he was out pulling all the wild blackberry that takes over.  I guess day light savings does have its advantages as he goes out in the yard when he has light after the evening news.  I will be thrilled to tackle that yard with no blackberry in it.

     I got most of the list done yesterday even a nap:)  But not much sewing so today I must be good and get really busy.  I also will fix about 6 dance costumes and call that done.  Then attack the zipper pile.  I have at least 6 zippers to fix today.

     I forgot to say that I had paid most of the months bills, and I will pay the house payment tomorrow.  Then will have to wait for Hubs last check of the month on the 27th to pay the last.  Things are just coming in so much better this month.  I need to replace my savings I used last month.  I think I will be able to do this by the 31st.

     It is so hard not to run outside and start rolling in the dirt, but I will not do it I swear.  If I have any extra time today I will finish cleaning the upstairs.

     D#3 called this morning and she was so happy as she aced her physics midterm, now on to organic chemistry. She has spring break next week and is coming down Friday to help with the show.  Well she also needs money for spring break so she will work the show.  She is going to the Oregon coast with her boyfriend and his folks.  They are very nice people and all on the up and up.  The mom even called me.  I realize she is an adult, but when I pay the bills she lives my rules.  I am such a mean old mom.
     I just keep telling myself that in 5 more days the show will be over and I can relax for about 5 seconds.  I am living for those 5 seconds!

Out My Window:  One of my little 5 years old dancers told me she played with worms at recess and then wiped her hands on the grass.  Would I like one of her tic-tacs?  Which she took out of the container and proudly displayed in her grubby little sweaty fist.  Who can turn down a tic-tac laden with worm residue, grass, dirt and sweat?  Not me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm glad you are having a good month! And wormy grassy tic tac?:) Yum. You might've just killed any cravings for lunch in me :)

  2. DS is in the middle of hell week at a highschool where he directs there plays and musicals. I think I spoke to him for about three seconds. When he lived at home it was easier but now I worry that he isn't eating or sleeping...that mom thing. Its been raining here all day but I will take it over snow