Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, hell week!

     I am not good at adjusting to daylight savings time.  I came home from church yesterday and made mashed potatoes and gravy, I sliced the meatloaf I had made Friday and set it in the gravy pan to heat up along with some peas.  Hubs and I ate and it was delicious.  Then we both took a nap.  I went down to the basement bedroom as it has a TV with a DVD.  I started a movie and then turned it off and went to sleep.  The next thing I new hub's is looking for me.  He was home from string practice and I was still asleep.  I had slept 5 hours.  I should have just slept the rest of the night.  But I got up and was up until 2:30 then finally went to sleep and woke at 11:00.  I had already had 9 phone calls, and I did not hear any of them.  This can not go on, it is ridiculous.  So tomorrow I will have a an alarm clock set to get me up.  Now I just can't ignore it;)  I was not feeling well Saturday, feverish and flaring so maybe I just needed 13 hours of sleep.

     I have so much sewing to do and music to cut and  a dance to finish tonight.  It can be done.  Just all the little details of show week.  Ugh!  I need to do a deposit today and get a couple of bills paid.  Also need to think about the house payment.  I only have about 150.00 saved toward it and I need to pay it by Friday, so I had better get creative, fast.  Still haven't written out a March budget and it is a 1/3 over?  I don't get it.  February took 7 years to complete and March is 1/3 over in 3 seconds?  Splain this to me Lucy......

     I had better run, I have so much to do.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm going to go with you needed some good sleep. I'm not big on the time change, either, and I took a nap yesterday but only lasted about an hour ... it's loud at my house. March is 1/3 over??? Say it ain't so!

  2. My sleeping patterns are WAY off since we "sprang ahead" and my head feels like it's full of wool. I am just grateful that I'm on March break - I can't imagine teaching and feeling like this. And as you say - life must go on - so we'll just tough it out. Hope you get all your sewing done & money collected for your house payment - that in itself would make you tired!!