Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday,Sun is shining, yard is calling.

     I did actually work in the yard for two hours last night.  I just bundled up warm.  Tore into the front flower bed that has not had attention for a few years.  The ivy had taken over the lilies and tulip, and irises.  Hubs and I are going to take out a good section of low growing shrubs that are over grown and ugly.  I will replace with perennials.  Plans within plans:)

     It is too cold right now to get out so I will sew for a while and get things done in the shop and then go out later when it is warmer.  Hubs cleaned the chicken coop last night.  We will get new chicks this weekend.  I am excited. 

     I need to pay a few bills today and start ordering costumes for wizard of Oz.  Don't want to but have to.... just don't want to think about it.  I want to play outside and be irresponsible.

Well as I promised my story continues.  Go back to December 17th 2013 to pick up where I start.

     I was starting to really assert my independence from my twin sister.  She had a school life and friends and so did I.  Still I was shyer than her and probably a little less mouthy.  It was reported at school that I was a twin but since no one ever saw her nothing was made of it.  I really loved to read and do craft projects.  I was in a different Camp Fire Girl troop than my sister.  She complained constantly about hers, but I loved my leader.  She spent so much time with us out doors.  We hiked all around and floated walnut boats on creeks.  I am sure my love for the outdoors came from that Camp Fire Experience.  I was a good student and liked being the best.  I remember struggling to beat another girl to get straight A's.  I wanted my monkey to make it first around the room in the library.  I had to beat another little boy and we were tooth and neck.  But I won in the end, by reading Toby Tyler.  I am not sure where the competitive spirit came from.  Maybe having Sis win or lead all the time.  It was the first time I could really push myself with out pushing against her.

     Springtime in the Rockies is glorious. The sun shines and, bluer skies do not exist.  Yellow buttercups and blues bells, Indian paint brush cover the low lying fields.  There is a smell of fresh dirt and growth.  Everything sparkles, even the trees.  The water roars down rattlesnake creek and walking the footbridge to school is a deafening experience.  You had to be well beyond the bridge to be heard.  We played all the way to school and sang the song "Build me Up Buttercup" as we picked buttercups. We were allowed to play in the woods close by during recess.  Can you imagine that today?

     Mom had a secret. she was expecting again.  Sis and I were furious.  One more child meant even less to go around.  We were living with Grandma as it was and this was something that was looked down upon by neighbors, and family.  Grandma did not seem to mind but everyone else did.  Now mom was pregnant it meant we would be poor.  When school got out we spent the majority of our time at a neighbors.  It was a large Catholic family with lots of kids.  Mrs Burger was truly a Saint.  We adored her.  Sis and I were still awfully mouthy and hard to tolerate, but Mrs. Burger never made me feel bad or hurt my feelings.  The problem with undisciplined kids is that we really don't know what we are doing is wrong.  Our feelings were  deeply and easily hurt but we had no idea why these adults shunned and corrected us harshly.  To sis and I it was an enigma.  We played where we were welcome.  We were welcome at the Burgers.

     It was our first year to go to Camp Fire Camp.  We sold cards door to door to pay for this privilege.  No other kids did this and I am sure it was talked about furiously between the neighbors.  Dad drank, mom was pregnant again and we were door to door salesmen.  We did not belong in the Rattle Snake.

to be cont:

Well I must get dressed and greet my public, but later today I am going today I am getting dirty.  ( mean I am going out to weed:)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. A great surprise tonight as you are back to your story tellin. BRILLIANT

  2. Love to hear your stories. We were not well off either but I didn't really realize that til I was much older. We seemed to have what we needed. But I understand the neighbour thing - my dad suffered from depression and spent a lot of time in psych hospitals. My mother kept her head held high but I know it was so hard on her - depression wasn't considered a real disease in those days - I'm sure the neighbours just thought he was lazy.