Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday, where do I begin?

     I drove to D#2's house last Thursday evening and the trip was long and snowy.  I had to go very slow, it rained and snowed the whole time.  I made it to her townhouse in 3.5 hours normally the trip takes 2.  Helped her unpack several boxes and start to get her room organized and then we fell into bed.

     We slept in the next morning as my appointment was not until 1:30.  We worked some more on her unpacking and then got ready to go into Spokane.  I tried to make sure I was drinking plenty of liquids as I knew they were going to do blood work and I didn't want them mining my arms.  As we were turning to get up to the hospital D#2 turned left in a double lane and we were involved in a car accident as the other driver of the large pickup wanted our turn lane.  So here I am again in Spokane on my way to the specialist and also in an accident.  This is the whole reason I can't drive in the big city is that I get into accidents (well one).  So we wait and wait and finally the officer let's us go to the hospital and tells us he will meet us there. Which was nice.  I was very upset and in shock not hurt but in the kind of shock you are in when you can't believe something has happened again.  I felt very bad for D#2 as she took the direct impact on her door and could have been really hurt.  She is fine.

     Get to the doctor's office 1/2 hour late, they squeezed me in yet again.  They also would not let me walk from office to office due to shock. My blood pressure was high for me and my veins collapsed in my arms due to shock. So I now look like a pin cushion,  A purple pin cushion.  It is funny how your bodies defense goes to work to preserve you when it thinks you are in trouble. I am tough I felt more sorry for the phlebotomy tech who kept poking and blowing and bruising.

     I have developed second stage Sjogrens syndrome.  My second auto immune disorder.  My white blood cells are attacking my salivary glands and tear ducts. Eventually this will destroy these glands. There is no cure. It is very painful, I am hoping I can get some relief from the medications. This is why I am exhausted and why I have no spit, and my eyes are constantly inflamed and full of goop. I drink constantly to keep my mouth from becoming dry.  I use eye drops excessively.  The biggest problem is that it is causing an inflammatory response in my blood which is setting off the RA.  So now a change of meds again and a fight with insurance to cover them and will they work?  Also a whole new slew of medicines that are expensive and have side affects of their own. I was tested for another auto immune disorder brought on by all this, which I am loath to believe. 

     I know several ladies in my church who claim and I did say claim to have fibromyalgia.   When there is a job to be done or something unfavorable they are all sick, but when something fun comes along they are all over it.  I get tired of the diagnosis given to lazy users.  Now I know in my heart that this is a real disease and many people suffer from it.  I know it is a serious disease and very painful.  I have just seen too many abusers of the word fibromyalgia.  So any readers out there please understand where I am coming from and that I am  taking your pain or discomfort seriously.  Something has happened to my body and it is inflamed.  Muscles and tendons around joints are tender to touch.  I am tired beyond anything I have ever been before.  Like just had a baby 20 minutes ago tired and they want you to get up and go to the bathroom down the hall and you don't think you can make it.  It is a weird feeling for someone like me who is always running and active.  I DON'T LIKE IT!

     Now we have to drive home after a car accident and this wonderful news.  Sis and I had a few good jokes as to how we could keep Hub's from seeing the truck and how long we could keep it from him.  This is how our family deals with a crisis. Laugh at it live with it.

     I needed to drive D#2 back up to her apartment as we were so late because of the accident we could not drive back and get her car and make rehearsal.  With only two weeks out till show time we decided to have me drive back up.  Not a problem as she wanted me to help put things up in her apartment and I love to stage things.  It makes me happy.  I needed something to make me happy.  Our trip back was the worst snow storm she or I have ever driven in and they closed the highway behind us so it was forward or nothing.  Our windshield would ice up and the wiper blades did no good.  Every one else was in the same boat.  We saw horrible accidents.  But we made it and and I don't ever want to be that scared again.  I drove home yesterday about noon.  It poured rain all the way but the roads were clear.  I mean there was at least 6-8 inches of snow you were pushing the night before and now just slews of water and rain.  Welcome to winter/spring in the Rockies.

     I have still not paid all the bills for February and I need to concentrate on that, I did no house work this weekend and my house needs love.  The shop is busy, there is laundry to do and I get to just go on as if nothing is different, because is anything really different?  Well I know what is wrong, does that change anything?  I am still working this out in my head and will report my feeling later, I just don't want to think right now.

     Out My Window:  Rainy but I think I might have seen just a glimmer of sun peeking out early this morning for a split second.

Have a great and productive day and I am going to try to also.  ( boy do I dangle a lot of participles)



  1. My girlfriend's daughter has been diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome. She has had good results following a Paleo eating plan.

  2. I think fibromyalgia is one of those diagnosis (es?) that doctors give when they don't know what else it could be. Lupus is another one. I was very sick about 5 years ago. I had some of your symptoms like extreme fatigue, terrible arthritis like joint pain. Test results showed I was autoimmune positive with a high sed rate and my ANA pattern pointed toward systemic scleroderma which is the horrible disease that took my mother. I was terrified. The specialist I went to said I had Lupus. I got a second opinion and I'm glad I did. It turned out what I had was a virus. I was tested for and found to have active Parvovirus B19 which is commonly known in children as Fifth's disease. I worked as a lunch lady at the time and probably contracted it from the kids at school. After a few months, the virus worked its way out of my system and my test results were normal. It makes me wonder how many people are misdiagnosed with Lupus that just have that virus. Hopefully you'll find out what's really wrong and get the proper treatment to help with your symptoms so you can start feeling better and stronger.

  3. Please get some rest and feel better. Cars are fixable...just glad you are both safe

  4. Bless your heart, Kim. I hate that you had to deal with an accident on top of the medical issues. My best friend's mother has Sjogrens. I didn't want to hear that you have to face that, too. You're a tough cookie, but do what you have to do to take care of yourself. Sending hugs your way.

  5. I'm glad you are safe! And I'm sorry you have to go through all of this pain. Keeping fingers crossed for you that the new drugs will help! Hugs!!!

  6. I'm so sorry you have to go through this....both the new disease and that accident. Glad neither of you were hurt badly in that mess. Rest and get some of the stress off of you...I bet stress will exacerbate this condition.

  7. You may want to consider being tested for primary immune disease ....its not auto immune but has similarities and is really underdiagnosed. My family is filled with autoimmune challenges so you are in my anonymous prayers.

  8. you dangle participles and I end sentences with prepositions - and sometimes life sucks! Kim, I don't even know what to say. I wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched (remember her?) and take away your pain. I know people suggest this and that so here's my 2 cents worth - ginger and turmeric every day in tea or your food or in a supplement - I've been using both for a couple of months and have been able to throw my anti-inflammatories away. AWAY!!
    Can I just give you a hug?