Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday, The sun is shining!

     Yes, believe it or not the sun is shining!  Not that I am going to be enjoying it as I am locked in my dungeon of a shop, but I now it is there.  I actually saw some crocuses in the neighbors yard that are coming up.  I am living for next week and if it is nice I will spend an hour or two in my yard every morning getting ready for spring!

      I had a cleaning check come in and I usually use this to pay a monthly bill, but I had already paid the bill so I can add that to my house money.  With what I took in yesterday that brings my house money total to $449.00.  I will make it and then some.  See what a difference a day can make.

     I think I have all my costumes figured out.  I have costume pieces all over the shop. My goal is to have them completed by Wednesday.  I need to call the pianist today. Every trash can in my home is full and I need to really run through the upstairs if I get a chance.  At least do a garbage run.  We have been eating on leftovers so I should find some kind of meat to throw in the crock pot.  I will have to go forage.

     Hub's bought me new hand trimmers and garden gloves on Saturday and they are on the counter upstairs.  I want to go out to the garden so bad, thank goodness my hands are too stiff and sore this morning. I now think after this post I will hit the kitchen before the shop and just soak my hands in some hot dish water.  

     I have plenty to do in the shop this morning, and I have had phone call after phone call for prom dress alterations, so the busy season is upon me.  May it last forever! Okay I feel a list coming on, sorry fellow bloggers, sometimes I cannot resist the list....  ( resist the list, that could be a slogan)

1. clean kitchen
2. start dinner
3. empty all upstairs trash
4. make bed
5. sweep floors (spot not the whole shebang) (did bedrooms and bath and hall save rest for tomorrow)
6. fill out a deposit
7. start a March budget, (yes I realize it is the 11th)
8. Get to work in the shop
9. Finish laundry (one load is in dryer and one in washer and one more to go) 
10.  Come back and report what I have done!
11. take a nap before I leave for studio.

Out My Window:  I was observing the larch trees in the backyard on Sunday.  I think is a week they will be a light yellow and then in another week out to a soft green.  So pretty.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Lucky you! It's been snowing all night and morning here :( Mee...

  2. So I will send you even more sun from Switzerland :) We are spoiled with the weather lately :)

  3. I had all the windows open today and gave the whole house a good airing out. Now tomorrow its supposed to rain and maybe some snow...