Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday, buried alive!

     If I don't get into the shop and get something done today I am going to be buried alive.  I had so much stuff come in yesterday.  I also need to do payroll and pay the rest of February's bills and set up a new budget for March.  I am so glad it is March.  One of my favorite months of the year.  It is still cruddy and wet outside but I can handle it for a while more.  I guess I can really handle it until it goes away as I don't really have any choice.

     Procrastination has set into my life usual.  When things get gritty I am likely to hunker down and ignore the obvious.  So I am trying to be a little more proactive.  I can be when forced:)

     Took truck to the body shop yesterday and it will be fixed the second week in April.  They were able to get the driver door open and it works fine.  This is great as I will get a free rental car if I wait and that will help, so I can get around town.

     Sent a letter home to parents to get tuition out for this month and next, I hope that helps.  I am very, very broke and have many accounts to pay back.  I feel like I really went backwards in February, but will sail back in March.

     Lost my keys at the studio yesterday and think someone picked them up and put them in their dance bag or they are in the costume closet.  Both are disaster scenarios. Crap, one more thing to deal with right now.  Love my life sometimes.

     I really need to get busy, left elbow is killing me!

Have a great and productive day!


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