Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday, updated totals for last month!

     I just updated my totals and I am pleased, they are going down which makes me want to go up!  I so wish I had a magic wand to erase it all but my skills are lacking.

     Rehearsal last night was covered with ashy foreheads as over 1/2 the company is Irish Catholic. They are so cute and I love the sincerity in which they live their religion. Discussing what they were giving up for lent.  How hard it was going to be, how tough they were.  Cute, cute, just cute.

     I have a ton of work to do today and it will be busy until I get home after teaching.  (Interruption, local priest, new robes too long, psalter too long, needed for Lenten services, so that is my first job today)  See how I get interrupted trying to blog?

     I had my interview by phone with SSI  yesterday.  So now it goes to Boise to be reviewed.  The woman who did the interview was very nice.  It is just a process, like the disease.

     My house needs a good a thorough cleaning, it is approaching the disgusting level, but I will ignore it until I am caught up in the shop. Maybe D#2 will take pity on me and do the floors upstairs and the bathrooms.

     Well I need to get busy, Has your spring sprung yet?  Mine hasn't

Have a great and productive day!



  1. It was 12 degrees when I left for work. We still have piles of snow. No spring here!

    I hope that SSI goes smoothly for you....

  2. Yay for the numbers going down!! Your optimism gives me hope :) I am SO glad you have started the SSI process. Sure do hope it goes well. ... It was 70 degrees here Sunday and we're expecting sleet this afternoon. Spring, where art thou??

  3. Spring is being mischievous and tricking the local fauna and flora, for sure... you see a bit of sprouts coming out, only to have zero temps kill it. You have 55 degree weathers that bring all the birdies out, and then you dump snow on them. They're all looking at us like, wth? I feel bad for them. We've had a full range of temps all week this week, from 20 to 55 to 10 to 40 to 0... we're at 32 today, thawing from the snow, but it's still chilly and treacherous everywhere.

  4. What does SSI stand for? If I look up I see a beautiful blue sky but if I look down there's nothing but mountains of dirt encrusted snow. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!