Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday evening, tired

No spend, leftovers.

     Thursday evening I had a bride pick up and fitted two bridesmaid dresses then ran to the studio to help set up the yard sale.  We had a huge amount of stuff and many parents there to help.  At about 10 everything was set up and I went to the store and picked up soda, water and donuts to sell.  Got to bed about midnight.

     Up at 6 and we all know I am not a morning person.  The sale was not very busy today, so I am praying it is busier tomorrow.  There is so much stuff there and I hate to have to box it all up and take it to Good will or wherever. I was home by 12:30 to meet another bride.  I had not really gone through my house for things as I have been so busy with brides this week.  So after my afternoon appointments I started to clean the shop closet and go through closets and drawers upstairs. 

     It was 105 here today so blistering hot and will be hotter tomorrow.  I filled our large dumpster and have a car load for the studio tomorrow.  I also have 3 large bags of extra trash that would not fit into out garbage bin.  My shop closet is clean for the first time in forever. I was able to get rid of an extra hanging rack and get everything into the closet.  I have a long table for cutting out that is almost always full of product and we took that to the yard sale.  Under that table was two set of dishes I brought back from my mom's over a year ago.  They have been stacked in china wrappers and were very dirty and dusty.  I really have wanted to get them off the floor and onto the top shelf of the shop closet.  So I went through patterns and consolidated down to one box from four.  Then through old fabric from past costumes that I have been saving and bagged that for the Sr. Citizen quilters.  I created such a mess and I was so tired.  Luckily my ballet mistress and renter came home just as I had created the worst of my chaos and she helped me wipe off all the china wrappers and put it all on the top shelf.  She also helped me load up the car and put the large rack I have been using in the shop into the truck to take to the studio.

     I got the tax boxes for the last two years put away.  Then I emptied a hall closet upstairs that we have never really used since we bought the house.  It has slowly filled with the girls prom dresses.  I emptied at least 15 one of a kind design dresses, shoes and purses.  All are going down to the yard sale.  I kept my wedding dress, Hub's wedding suit.  Not that I will ever be able to get into the cummerbund as it is 10 inches too small.  I weighed all of 98lbs when I married.  I also saved daughters doctoral robes and one dress she asked me to save.  The closet is now empty it also has a shelf.  Funny that you could live someplace for 16 years and never see the floor of a closet.  I was even able to put the large steamer for my shop into the shop closet.  So nice.  I have a large closet under the stairs that needs to be cleaned out.  We have way too many suitcases and I need to just get rid of crap.  Where does it come from?  I see my self as pretty neat and organized but from the looks of what I pulled out of my house today you would beg to differ.

     Tomorrow I have to be at the studio at 7 again.  Yikes!

Have a nice evening and pray that I sell lots of crap! :)



  1. Wow! You've been productively busy! I actually got some time to work in my garage this weekend and took two large loads to the dump. YAY! And posted 2 non working grills on freecycle. I hope someone can take them. I would love to be able to get a car into my garage...