Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday, still not sleeping

$8.92  block of cheese and sour cream,  Made low carb burritos for dinner with cantaloupe and blueberries.  It gave me a stomach ache.  Dinner is finish up the taco meat in a salad. Hub's is down a little over 20 lbs now and I am very proud of him.  He has been taking long walks at night and as soon as the yard will allow I will be able to join him.

     Well I was asleep by 3 instead of 4 so maybe that is progress.  Tried to play a game with myself to get more done and not just sit in a daze.  Every time I sewed a piece of clothing I had to iron a pair of shorts and a top.  I also finished the laundry in this manner.  The ironing pile is still very high.  At least I felt like I was getting some where.

     Made 70.00 more toward house payment.  Don't know if I am going to make it.  Today will be critical.
I will continue to get things done in the shop and tackle the never ending pile of summer ironing.  What a boring life.

     Still looking for some bright blue Lobelia at a good price for my boxes and then they are done.  After I get the back yard in order I must move to the front.  It just needs to be weeded and a few holes filled in where Perennials are over grown or did not make it through the winter.

     Out My Window:  It is very warm in the 90's.  I can only work in the yard after supper.  Last night I got a late start but with the long evening I was able to get the garden weeded.  It was a long and arduous job and also will never end like the ironing and the bills, and my whining:)  Tonight I hope to get all the refuse bags to the truck and get the pond area done, then it is just a little clean up in the upper back, painting and of course maintenance.

This blog is boring and I like it that way.

Have a great and productive day.


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