Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday, under water so to speak.

No Spend, Diner was salad, bacon and tomato sandwiches in low carb tortillas.  Delicious!  Will repeat that menu this evening.  We need to eat up some fruit that is going to go bad so salad it is!

     Started two loads of laundry yesterday and noticed an unusual noise leading from the toilet in spare room bath.  Of course I was sewing and it just sounded like gurgling.  I continued to sew and soon realized that water was coming in from the floor drain into the shop.  A shop with 5 wedding dresses in it!  The water was also escaping into the bathroom.  I realized it was clean water from the washing machine.  So we have a clogged floor drain.  Great.  I have suspected that there was a problem there and I know our renter has had problems with that toilet.  I also know with the new sewer line it is impossible to have a huge back up.  This is a recent problem.  I have long suspected my little friend is bulimic and I have talked to her about it quite a bit.  Without going into detail  we have also been having back up problems at the studio where she spends a great deal of time.  I know she knows this is an issue caused by her.  Acid and food in large quantities can clog a system fast and there have been repeated problems in the down stairs bath for the last few months that I can see.  This issue will have to be dealt with and soon.  I don't want to go into more detail as others read this blog and this is her life not mine.  I don't have the right to air her dirty laundry.  I too had problems with this condition when I was dancing. Now I am 40 lb's heavier:)

     So long story short, plumper will be here this afternoon.  It is okay as I was thinking of having a handi cap level toilet put in for mom and was going to have to call one any way. I just can't have water leaking into my shop.

     I am having lunch with the board president today to hash out upcoming meeting and figure out how to run the studio.  Not that I haven't been running it, but to get some other perspective and get some help.  I just need help so badly.  The responsibility is killing me and my joy in running the dang thing.

     I was able to get one bride dress out yesterday and quite a few other small jobs.  I have a boat load left to do today and I hardly touched the ironing which is now taking over the shop.  I mean truly it has taken on a life of its own and is slowly creeping across the floor.

    I have a another bride dress coming in late this afternoon.  So hopefully the plumber won't make too much of a mess.  Ha ha!  Oh, by the way I have a $228.00 credit with the plumber so I am not worried about the bill too much.
     Last night after dinner Hub's and I took an hour long walk with the dog she can't do the loop is is too far then we rushed home to watch his cousins three little boys 2-10 while they taught a wedding dance couple down at the studio.  They were cute and fun.  I entertained the little one by turning on the hose and letting him drag it around trickling water so he could water to his hearts content.  One happy wet baby, but it was still 88 out so he was fine.

  After my meeting I am going to sew and iron and maybe pick some beans out of the garden.  I bought 6 books while I was in Twin Falls and I have finished everyone of them.  So will have to go on a cheap book hunt.  I am a never ending reader.  Books every where.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Sorry you are felling underwater! I hope it gets better soon!

  2. Oh I hope that doesn't mean a plumbing problem!

  3. of course it is a plumbing problem Mysti this is KIM.....Glug, glug gl.....

  4. I love reading and am constantly putting in requests to my library. I have three waiting to be read right now! I don't buy books anymore...just Kindle books when I'm traveling - otherwise, it's the library for me.

  5. I had to stop buying books too....not enough room with kids' stuff and books, etc. Now that I am tutoring at least 2 days a week at our library I get all my books there. :) Good luck on getting the plumbing issue resolved.