Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday, dodged that bullet!

No Spend, Low carb blt's fruit salad for dinner.  Tonight I think chicken and salad. Need to get chicken out of freezer.

     Plumber came about 2:30 and it was a clogged sewer line under the house, caused by old pipes and dental floss and other things.  Talked to renter about the floss.  I knew never to put dental floss down old pipes but she had not.  Anyway, now I am in the clean up stage.  The basement once again smells like a wet dog and I am going to have the carpets cleaned next week. We are also having the toilet replace downstairs with a handicap toilet that is higher.  Where is this money coming from I don't know?  But I feel blessed that I won't have to pay for this last little fiasco.

     I also was able to finish the ironing yesterday.  The shop floor was such a mess and I just needed to get something done.  I had a bride come in and I bustled her dress and she left with it, which is great one less large object in the shop. All the towels from the flood are washed and I need to do a little organization in my sewing room.

     Had a meeting with board President to hash out things to discuss tonight.  He had some radical but interesting ideas, that had been going round and round in my head.  We will see where they land.  Our real agenda for this evening is the yard sale next week at the studio.

     Hub's mowed the front yard last night and the lower back so we did not walk.  I weeded one of the front beds.  Still need to weed other beds out front and I will soon.  I think? Maybe today if it cools off like it is supposed to and I can get some sewing done.

     Well I need to get busy no one is going to do my work for me.  Drat!  Any volunteers?  I read Sluggy's blog and she was out buying a mop.  Can't let her get ahead of me.  Hey Sarah where are you?  Drinking diet coke from McD's and ignoring the rest of us?  Get with the program.

Have a great and productive day.





  1. So your plumbing disaster turned out not too badly thank goodness. I didn't know you could have a "credit" with a plumber but how fortunate that you did! I don't think that would be possible in the city I live in.

  2. It's a bummer that your renter wasn't responsible enough to dispose of her trash where she should. Dental floss may not seem like much of a litter, but it shouldn't be disposed like that either. Good thing that the plumber arrived, but everyone in your house should mind the little things that they do.

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total PLBG