Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday, this is how my day started.

No Spend, chicken salad in low carb tortillas with fruit on the side.  Left overs tonight.

     This morning I am in the bath tub having just done a root touch up on my hair.  I need to wait a 1/2 and hour.  The front door is open (I know, I know, dumb), the dog is standing guard.  She starts barking like crazy which means a customer is here.  I am pretty strict about my business hours especially in the morning, but every once in a while you have an early bird.  You will always have an early bird of you are naked and covered with root touch up.  Getting a visual yet? Well stop it, because is is not pretty.  Anyway I hear a very old man's voice.  "Is any one Home?"   I realize it is Walt one of my long time customers.  He is 91 and should not be driving.  He also lost his wife of 70 years last fall.  He is a character.  Some how he has made it up the steep front steps of the house.  He has his cane and he is bent in half like a toothpick. 

     I had taken a shirt in for him as he has lost so much weight.  He has it on and it is bright red.  He also has on bright red long shorts.  He has on a blingy bejeweled cowboy belt and a red painters cap.  Oh and to complete the outfit he has his wife's purple flowered cane and his bed room slippers.

     I get dressed in my robe and go out into the living room with my roots a muck.  If the old guy could see he would have been turned to stone but lucky for all of us, I think he is blind, and driving.  He has 10 shirts in the car that need alteration.  "Walt did you walk up all those stairs by yourself?"  Reply, "yes and it wasn't easy."  I say, "Can you get back down them?"  "I don't think so."

     I bring him all the way into the house and we decide that he can go down the basement steps with help as there is a rail.  So I am holding on to the back of his belt( yes my hand was slightly down his pants back) and we descend the stairs.  The light is burned out over the stairs so it is  dark.  He can see nothing, but he drove here in a burgundy tuna boat Cadillac.  Get him down stairs and out the door of the basement and he shuffles out to get his shirts.  The beginning of my day.  It can only get more interesting from here.

     Had a bride pick up her dress I saved from a botched job and then she calls me last night at about 7 to say the zipper just broke.  Back it comes for a new zipper.  This dress is now a comical situation, but I had it fixed in a few minutes while she waited.  It is beautiful and I am sure it will be okay.  So many things have gone wrong with that dress nothing else can possibly happen.

     Well I need to go dry my hair, water my flowers in back, water the garden, get some laundry started and attack another wedding dress. Actually I think this next one will attack me, it is like wrestling a cranky 3 year old.

     Tonight I have to be down at the studio as our big yard sale starts tomorrow.  I am excited, but I have a lot to do tonight.  Then I have to be down there at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  I am not a morning person.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Your gentleman friend sounds like he is just as cute as he can be. Don't worry about your hair....I am sure it isn't the first time he has seen something like that!

  2. If DH only knew how you get your jollies with a man twice your age....LOLZ

  3. I loved reading this post. It made me giggle because we have all had unfortunate circumstances when we are not totally presentable and have someone at the door.

  4. I have one customers that likes to come before 8 am, which I am not even out of bed at that hour. I decided to put a bin by my front door for my patch orders that tend to come in before 8 am and after 6 pm. Helps tremendously, but it would not work for you.

    You literally had me rolling though. Been there done that!

  5. oh Kim, how funny. I live on a subdivision of Walt's that all drive boats and are as blind as bats. One nearly ran me over this afternoon at the mail boxes!!

    And yes you can come and visit, but leave all your drama behind....LOL (and that includes Walt!!)