Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, look at the time?

     Dinner will be what ever I can find that is not too hot to prepare. We have an abundance of cucumbers coming on in the garden and I have one tomato that is turning ripe.  Soon we will have all we need for salads.  I picked several small cucumbers and will put them in salt,pepper and vinegar on ice.  I also picked several small yellow neck squash and green beans that I will fry in a little olive oil salt and pepper.  Yum.  Our neighbor brought over several dozen apricots so we are good to go on fresh things to eat.

     Just in case you did not know it is HOT here.  Now I love the heat.  It was 110 at our place yesterday.  I tried to put makeup on before church and it slide into my neck creases instantly.

     Saturday was very hot and I was not feeling well at all.  I think it might have been dehydration although I tried to drink, drink, drink.   I actually had the chills about 9 o'clock Saturday morning at the yard sale.  I laid down on a sofa covered up with a blanket and  slept.  I had to drag myself around all day acting chipper.  It was an act. I don't like people to know when I am going down physically because then they get fussy about my working and I feel like it is my responsibility.  But I truly hate it when I am sick and have to act like I am okay. The only time I felt good was when I was eating ice cream.

     We did not do as well on the yard sale as I would have liked. I wanted to make enough to pay the rent next month.  We came just in under that figure of $643.00.  This will catch up the remainder of Junes bills and I was so hoping for about $1500.00 to $2000.00  I realize now that this was unrealistic.  But I am positive because I received such good help from booster parents who were willing to work, bring in things, set up and tear down.  I do not feel so alone in this process and next month is next month.  My mind is a wash with other ideas to earn a few pennies for this cause.

     I really tried to drink a variety of things on Saturday, but by late Saturday night I was so sick and in the bathroom off an on all night. Sick again before church, then hub's brought me home after Sacrament and I was sick, then slept for 4 hours, hub's woke me up, sick again and I had the most awful headache.  I drank water and liquids until I was sloshing and finally felt better about midnight.

     Hub's tried to cook yesterday but too hot.  We ate tomato,onion and cucumber salad.  Cantaloupe, crackers,cheese and dried salami, corn on the cob.  We boiled the corn outside.  All of my flowers are stressed even though I have watered and watered them.  They look how I felt yesterday.

     I did a secret shop for a bank this morning and our youngest daughter was down for the night.  She thought if she came home it would be cooler.  What a joke.  I sent her in for an eye exam this morning and she needs to get her teeth cleaned.  I just keep saying 6 more months and we are done with school expenses. 

     There is plenty to do in the shop and it is the coolest room in the house so I am going to spend the rest of my waking time in there today.

Have a great and productive day!

 one more year


  1. I don't know how you cope in the heat. It sounds as though you got too much on Friday and Saturday.

  2. Sounds like dehydration all right! Wow, you seem to have all the heat. Here it is cool and rainy - we haven't had any really hot days yet. Lots of humidity though which really saps my strength. PS - that's the way I love to eat cucumbers - vinegar, salt and pepper.