Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday, Bride dresses are taking over!

No Spend on groceries that is.....  I did make two trips to the fabric store for items I needed for shop.  I also purchased 3 old wedding dresses for their lace at St. Vinnies.  You can't buy lace like this for under $500.00 a yard maybe more.    Tonight we are having taco salad.  I need to go pick green beans in the garden and get some chicken cooked for tomorrow.  Okay that is done.  Decided I had better do that before it is too hot.

     Had a wedding dress come in yesterday that was almost ruined from the another alteration shop out of town.  What a mess.  I worked on it late into the night and bride will be over this afternoon to see it.  I hope she likes what I am doing.  It is a work of love I tell you.  I have two large dresses in the shop that need to be tried on and finished, the shop looks like a snow storm.  I am going in there to clean a little and then get to work on a couple of bridesmaid dresses I want to get out today.

     The smaller easy piles of things are gone and I am left with the tough work.  Yikes!

Mom was really sick yesterday, I called her this morning and she was better.  I know it is because she had the real estate sign put up yesterday and signed some papers.  She says that is not the reason, but when ever she is faced with something that really bothers her she is sick.  Sick enough that she has lost 60 lbs in the last three years.  But then the last 3 years have been real hell for her.  Most of it her own doing by living with my brother who by any ones standards is a very bad man.

     I just got a phone call for army patches it is an emergency job, oh goody, that means he waited until the last minute.  Surprise!   My life is just full of those kinds of surprises.  I am blessed with work.

     Out My Window:  Cooler but a hot spell is coming, I hop to be out of town when it hits.

I need to get to work.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. I know - the patches always seem to be last minute rush! Not too much military around here, but I have been asked recently about it, so it may be another market I am tapping into.

    I would be scared to death to work on wedding dresses. I did wedding invitation once upon a time. Me and brides don't work together!

  2. I wouldn't touch a wedding dress either, you are a very brave lady!!

  3. I would hate to work on wedding dresses because you never know if you are dealing with Bridezilla or not.

    I hope your price has an additional "rush" fee added