Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday, a litle catch up:)

     Friday I went out on a dance out with the young girls taking a workshop at the studio.  They were so sweet and excited.  They performed at a rest home.  The workers brought in a younger woman suffering from Alzheimer's.  Her head was down and her eyes were closed but the minute the Giselle music started she lifted her head and started to sing along in a high nice voice.  It was so sweet.  This is why I love performing at these venues.  It is good for the girls and good for the patients.

     I then went and purchased pizza for between performances and returned home to sew.  Thursday's meeting went great and I hope to have many more meetings like that one.  Some really good things and some bad things. 

     We have a big yard sale this Friday and Saturday and that should keep me busy.  We will set up Thursday night. I need to sew like a banshee these next three days.  I also need to do laundry.... blah.

     Saturday I took hubs out to buy new work pants and a few inexpensive shirts for the woods.  Ones that he can get paint on and I won't scream at him.  Then D#2 and I went around town to thrift stores to look for crap for an upcoming event.  Hub's and I went to help celebrate one of my little dancer's birthdays and had such a good time.  It is nice to be with people who have the crazies like you.  You just fit.  I came home a finished up some curtains for a trailer camper.

     Sunday we went to church and took a long nap and then had a nice dinner with daughter and hubby.

Out My Window:  Very dry here although not too hot today.  The garden is great and I still have weeding to do out front.  

I need to get busy in the shop, like right now, NOW.

Have a great and productive day!


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